Non casual Encounter (Encuentro no casual), my Dreamcast game

I am developing this game for some years ago. I will try to finish it this in 2021.


Formally know as Project Bennu 'Encuentro no Casual' (i'm spanish!) is a indie and modest visual novel/adventure running in BennuGD for Dreamcast.

It will feature traditional visual novel gameplay and adventure game, some mini game and VMU support.

I am near to release a prologue soon both in English and Spanish language. I hope in one or two months,...

Some screenshots:



Some promo I did in a retro event in Barcelona:


I will update soon with more stuff.
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Hello again.

The demo-prologue is now complete.

I just want that some English native speaker check it just in case I still have to fix something.

It was present in a retro event called Retro Parla a fews months ago just before the COVID19 situation:



I'll keep you updated.
Just so you know, I'd be happy to play through all of what you have finished so far. I can help critique and improve any dialog, assuming that's what you're interested in.