Not to rebel but...

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I guess I can see where you're coming from Mystic, maybe there IS a better solution than just getting rid of it outright...

All I know is something needs to be done.
the FTP's get mis-used ALOT
I cant remember why i first came here. maybee i was just in the mood. I even had an FTP here for a little while and somebody uploaded a game to it one ce as well. When ican rebuild my system when the new parts eventy ually arrive the n i'll try to get it running again to share the wealth. My view is , yesthe script kiddies are annoying butthey bring fresh blood with them. Without them the forum would die. Arakon would go insane if he had noone to ban. :)

Also, most used game shops refuse to take in anything older than an N64 or dreamcast stuff anyway so why would they loose money to people trading saturn and megadrive stuff?
I don't think everyone using the ftps or coming here just because of the ftps does it to leech fr33 r0mz.

while I haven't DLed a saturn or scd iso in well over a year, I recall the great feeling of holding a (although burnt) copy of Lunar, Snatcher ... (insert any great game I used to play several years back when I first bought a segacd frontloader for 400$) in my hands again and being able to play it.

segacd here died over a year earlier than anywhere else, most shops never or rarely carried any stuff.

I think the ftps CAN be used for good things.. like giving people a chance to play old games they could hardly get anymore.

it even converts some of the "sega sux" kiddies from some years back to love some of the games now.

also, if you look at other forums with tech sections like SX; but without ftp/download sections, they get a ton of "gimme isos" postings. here at least SOME (the kind with a brain) will see that there's a ftp section and look there by themselves. those who don't get a nice, red, Arakon-made

simple as that.
Originally posted by Arakon@May 25 2002,03:53

while I haven't DLed a saturn or scd iso in well over a year, I recall the great feeling of holding a (although burnt) copy of Lunar, Snatcher ... (insert any great game I used to play several years back when I first bought a segacd frontloader for 400$.

Wow! you paid $400 for your sega cd originally? and I thought the $229 I paid for my first sega cd (model 2) was alot


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I paid somthing like $700 for my first one it was a mega cd I had it over a year before it came out . I didnt pay cash , i traded tons and tons of junk for it . maybe some cash .
I payed 400$ myself for the combo when it came out and 60$ per game! Never regreteted it!

Also ok look then tell me in a email some rules youd like to see for ftp posts and requests. Maybe a post limit of 300 posts? Or something? Tell me in emails of your thoughts and Ill look them over. Otherwise Ftpa might just make a new page after all. ALSO just side note....all Tandy or 286, 386 owners, we LOVE abandonware sites...OLD games that we grew up with and love to play! Same with C64.....Scd is the same =P But thats my opinion.


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Originally posted by Gallstaff@May 25 2002,12:06

I know that everyone flames newbs for this, but i just want to know WHY can't we ask in what ftp can a game be located? I know it's such a bitch to go through all of them looking for a game. It drives you crazy when there is an ftp with max user limit and you just gotta see if they got that ONE game you 'been looking for... so why can't we request?

Sorry to revive the initial thread topic...

I'm not picking on you Gallstaff. You asked a valid question.

My response to you and to anyone else who asks 'why not allow requests'? is simple.

When you run a message board, you can make your own rules.

Until then you should obey the rules here and be happy.

I think the FTP forum is useful (I'd be a hypocrite to say otherwise), but maybe it needs a shake up.

Maybe it needs to go back to what it was originally intended. A list of servers and a place for reporting technical problems with the FTPs themselves.

That and some effective moderating would clean things up a bit.
I think in the end FTPs are like the net in general, can be used for both good and bad things, and kinda evens out in general. That seems to be the spirit of the internet. I agree that controling the requests for stuff is needed to keep those irritating script kiddies at bay.

Maybee we should have a rule that "if you dont like it you can DOS attack us, our IP address is"

As long as we keep the requests as they are we should be ok. Keeps most of the traffic to the FTP forum and provides a little target practice for the superadmins


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Oh no no i tottally agree with you mal. I'm not trying to CHANGE the rules, just better understand them is all. But... i think i have an idea. ON the old Ikonboard before the upgrade, there were two sections for admin's and mods only. They were password protected sections. I think that Ice or other mods should make the ftp section password protected and only allow in people who are experinced users and can trust. then when newbies come along, Ice or other admins will just have to see how they act in OTHER sections and perhaps let them in if they follow strict rules. Maybe not a good idea, but irc doesn't work for me in efnet... plus it's really slow. So maybe that's an idea to be considerd, but you shouldn't shut down the ftp section. where else are we gonna get all the golden oldies? and don't say ebay, those people don't know what the hell they are talking about and call sonic 3 a super rare game, then charge 80 bucks for it.


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Cool. I'm glad you could see where I was coming from.

Password protected forums have been mooted before, but that requires much more work on the part of mods. It also wouldn't help with SX's old reputation of being elitist and hoarding games. But then I'm not sure if anyone really cares about that anymore, if they ever did in the first place.
Originally posted by Cecilia Chen@May 23 2002,23:54

I don't know about you Skank, but I totaly think that the FTP section should be taken down and that trading/pirating games should not be done on SX.

When SX had a games ISO Section (remember the good old days?), it started out with just a small bunch of people. But then all the "warez" and newbies who didn't give a damn about the Saturn or Sega untill people found out you could come to SX to pirate CDs came along. They destoyed everything, flooding the boards, slowing the servers down, getting accounts locked out. Even after, when the mods on SX thought they could fix this problem VIA Password/contribution gate, it still didn't work.

I strongly feel that offering, linking, or providing any type of games can't be done. At least not the way SX Intends it to be. Its just not possible, because no matter how hard you try, you'l get more and more of these "Warez/Newbies" coming and after the FTP form, you'l get people complaining about why they can't post or request links, and soon people will be bitching to you about a "DC ISO FTP/COPY" forum and why we don't have one.

The only way to ensure that the SX community is healthy with people who do care about Sega, Saturn, and Retro gaming in general is NOT to host any games, but to SIMPLY talk and discuss about them (How to beat, which is the best, ect). This is the only way people in the SX community can discuss topics which we all love, while making it "boring and usless" to all the warez newbies who just got a Saturn to pirate free games (Generaly didn't give a damn untill free games were around).



<3 Cecilia
Originally posted by Trenton net@May 24 2002,00:10

I also agree with Skankinmoney, and Cec. I strongly feel that the FTP and all game ISO/Trading aspects of SX should be shutdown.

Having such sections only promotes the kind of people we don't want in our closely knit community. To be honest, all the people who really TRULLY care about what SX stands for don't need an FTP section or request board. Why? Because being the die hard gamers we are, we have most of these titles (Original copies, not bootlegs), and if not we all know and discuss openly where we can get originals for a good deal.

This is proven time and time again, as community members share their own experiences and knowlege. An excelent example is the "Development" section where people openly exchange their thoughs and ideas. Almost 90% of the traffic is generated to the FTP section by warez people, and newbies, while the rest of the boards are used by honest hardcore gamers. The FTP is really only usefull for warez people in the first place, so why keep it alive?

When was the last time a "Warez" person posted anywhere else on SX? They probably didn't. All they came for was the Gamez, and the FTP section. They intend to help themselves and thats it.

In fact I will BET you the second you shut the FTP area down, 90% of the so called "newbies" who said they really care about SX would leave. You didn' think they really cared did you? All the better, because then it only leaves the hardcore guys who's stood by SX thick and thin!

*more applause*

Damn, my hands are gonna fall off.
Get rid of the FTP forums all together.

Get rid of providing FTP information here.

Move all that shit to #segaiso.

UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE MAY THINK, one of the main uses of IRC is *FOR* downloading. Of course, how would they know that, considering that they can't last more than 5 minutes in a channel?

Post a nice little note that says:

If you are interested in games, download an irc client (ie, use the server, and join #segaiso.

Irc is for WAREZ now. It's still used for its original purpose (CHAT) but w4r3z keep it hot.


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Originally posted by Mysticales@May 25 2002,05:09

Ok little story. I had offered (With some other ftpa members) to make a ftpa page for all this. I was told that I was trying to control SX and ftps and so on....I belive this "issue" was addressed by none other then skank! SO then I left it as it was....NOW look at it again. NOW someone is saying ftp should be GONE do you see my little issue here?

Now, I don't think you were around when SegaXtreme had games, but once we took them down, the FTP forum was put up because we had a ton of people posting all over the place saying "I have a game on my ftp here download it" or asking for FTP's. The FTP forum was put in to move those people into that area. Now It's gotten out of hand. And as you not using these FTP's, don't lie, I've seen you post saying you've used the FTPa accounts or whatnot to download other things, even if they're not related to Sega.

That's all I really have to say on this matter.


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Do you know how annoying it is getting 20 emails a day asking for romz?

Thats why I still have the ftp section up which is a great idea so people don't email me or ask if that specific game is available they can just check the ftp's.

Remember, what I say goes


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Originally posted by IceMan2k@May 25 2002,13:12

Do you know how annoying it is getting 20 emails a day asking for romz?

Thats why I still have the ftp section up which is a great idea so people don't email me or ask if that specific game is available they can just check the ftp's.

Remember, what I say goes

That's why you get requests for roms Ice, I get them too. You attract the audience you look for, the FTP section is the rom-begging crowd, I gurantee within a month of deleting the ftp section and everything surrounding it you'd have 70% less e-mails for rom requests.
Only if you yanked the FTP Alliance page too. Now people will come here, see the FTP Alliance page and not see the IP's anywhere, so they'll e-Mail YOU asking for all that info. It still doesn't get areound the problem. It looks kind of like a simple -can't have your cake and eat it too- deal. As long as you have ROM/FTP info, you'll get people asking about it. If you don't you won't.

But as was already said earlier in the thread there's pros and cons to both options. I guess you guys just have to weigh them and decide.


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I am actually getting less annoying emails ever since the ftpa section went up.

Now how to deal with those that keep sending me those viruses everyday! That is REALLY getting annoying.


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Originally posted by IceMan2k@May 25 2002,13:36

I am actually getting less annoying emails ever since the ftpa section went up.

Now how to deal with those that keep sending me those viruses everyday! That is REALLY getting annoying.

Forward those emails back to the sendor and hope that they accidently open their own attachments.
set up an email specifically for roms and isos. also, im sure that if you delete the FTP section, people looking for FTPs on search engines wont find the site. which means that people wont be coming here for that reason. or if they hear from a friend then the friend can tell them that SX isnt about FTPs. but that it is about people who want to preserve old systems. but i came here looking for nights, that is it. i need the ISO because my cd had a huge scratch and wouldnt play the boy's part, only the girl's. so i dled that and some others. mainly looking for games i dont have because the cd was lost or damaged beyond repair.i think i never posted in the FTP section and stopped caring about it when i thougt that owning old systems is all about finding the originals. but if you wanted, you could make it where only the people who were here long ago, know that people still have ISOs and the such on FTPs but make it where they are private accounts and they have to ask the person who runs the FTP for the info. dont just post it on the boards or something that we know FTP info. but keep it on the down low.
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