Panzer Dragoon Saga

Hey Guys,

Today, I just got PDS! I tell you, it's a great feeling. It's in kickass near-mint condition. It's beautiful. I don't know if I can play it, I want to keep it pristine! (any suggestions?).

I was looking on Ebay, when I noticed that someone was selling a copy of it that was around my neck of the woods (Omaha, NE). I gave the guy an email asking if I can buy it up front from him and he said yeah, he'll sell it for $110. Things were set in motion when he emailed me saying that he couldn't cancel the auction, it was too late. I was worried for a while, but decided fuck it, I'll bid on it. I went to Gamers and sold off my N64 system and collection of games plus some Xbox titles and a Time Crisis II with Guncom combo (I know of the trade value, but I needed the cash quick!) and got $136 for it. I set the bid for 130 and prayed. Everything looked all right, until the last couple of hours, when someone out bid me, that F$%#$%# as#$%#@!!!! So I set the bid up to 150, I could push that, sell some more stuff. The last hour, same guy pushed ahead of that, so I set it fot 170, pushing my limit! Thankfully, the auction ended at 152.50. I won! The next day, today, the guy came by with the game. Real nice guy. A Nebraska guy (they're usually either nice or racist/homophobic or somewhere in between). The deal came with Panzer Dragoon, but he also threw in Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV! He told me that he was thinking of starting up a Saturn collection (like me) but had bills to pay. Well, I hope he realizes that PDS is in good hands. I now have the original PD trilogy (plus an extra PD) and in a couple of weeks I'll have PDO for Xbox. Life is good. Just felt like sharing that with you guys, since you all are enthusiasts. Here's a list of Saturn games I currently have:

Panzer Dragoon

Panzer Dragoon Zwei

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Romace of the Three Kingdoms IV

Mega Man X4

Earthworm Jim II

NiGhts into Dreams plus 3d controller

The Legend of Oasis

Shining the Holy Ark (currently playing)

Shining Force III US

BTW-- the guy told me that there were two versions of the PDS, one with black CD inserts, one with white CD inserts. Is that a significant difference?
Great story, prices have really gone up with Christmas and the hype around Orta. Hope you enjoy it, its a lot better if you've played 1 and Zwei a lot (get more nostalgic mements). As for keeping it pristine, you could just rip and burn a backup of it (instructions on site). CD drives aren't designed to hurt the discs at all so I would really worry about your Saturn damaging it anyway.

As for the inserts, I think the first printing was black, then the second was white, no difference other than color though.

Have fun, PDS has one of my favorite battle systems and I love the atmosphere and music.
Hey, Great Story, but so much money for PDS... phew... it´s a good RPG but only takes 20-30 hours to complete.

Well good luck with building up your collection, you still have a long way to go
(hope you have alot of spare cash in the future)
Originally posted by PhObIc@Dec. 22 2002, 10:53 am

Hey, Great Story, but so much money for PDS... phew... it´s a good RPG but only takes 20-30 hours to complete.

I also paid a lot of money for it in 1998 and all I can say is that it's the best investment I've ever done.

And yes, it is very short. If you play veeeeery slowly the first time, you can complete it in about 20 hours. The second time it took me about 10-12 hours with almost all the secrets and enemies without using a guide (don't read the faqs at and my dragon was "promoted" to the maximum level. Obviously, you'll have to beat the last bosses many times to do so.

The insert colour is... well, the insert colour. Totally unimportant.

The only problem with PDS is that, once you buy it, you'll never buy a better game. Congratulations.
yes indeed levelling up your dragoon takes some time and getting the secrets also. Dont get me wrong its a great game.. just way to short.... anyone one remember old rpgs like Lands of lore (pc, part 1... the rest was crap).. those took way longer and were very good also. But then again, they didn´t have to worry about graphics in those days.
So they could concentrate on getting a really large rpg.

By the way I think grandia 2 is on par with PDS... but then again you can`t discuss taste