Phantasy Star II


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Classic RPG for the Genesis/MegaDrive... It's one of my two favorite RPG's for the Genesis that I've played and passed. Although it did take a while to beat, it was well worth it. I loved leveling up and buying new stuff.

If you've played this game, tell us what you think? Like? Dislike? Confused?
It ws the first RPG I had ever played, so i did not know what to expect. I had a great time playing this game, naming all of my characters and the mood that the art style and music that PSII had.

Even with the hint guide, my 9 year old self took a year to finally complete the game. I read ahead in the hint guide and found out about Nei, but the Earthmen were a total suprise.

To this day, I regard PSII as having some of the most simplstic looking, but most well defined characters in the genre. Main characters do not always have to be decked out with clothes that are so unbelievably bizzare that they do not look even remotley like any of the NPC's.

It drives me crazy when you can pretty much pick out which NPC at the time will have a major role in the story. (Eg: Shining Force III, only important people have their portraits when they speak. And only main characters have a well drawn portrait worth mentioning)

Anyways back to PSII.. The setting that the game takes place in is a neat combination of medieval and Star trek like Sci fi. Something that has really not been duplicated since PSII came out.
The best game. Ever.

Though it's a bit slow paced, the atmosphere draws you in when you start playing, and it grows on you. Maybe one of the best storylines that doesn't have an insane amount of plot twists.
It was my first console RPG.

I paid a fortune for it via import, as the game was released much sooner in the USA than in Europe, and anyway nodody in Europe knew the game before it was released there (except those who usually bought US and Jap import games)

It was first a friend who had been to Florida during summer 1989 (or maybe was it in 1990, i don't remember well) who brought it back. Nobody had ever heard of this game here, and magazines just put a few lines on it.

When i saw it first, i can say it really changed my life forever!!! Fantastic atmosphere between medieval and sci-fi, very original combat scenes, and the game is soooo long and quite difficult, even with the Hint book !

I was 11 then, and it took me several months to finish it.

For me it's the best RPG series ever. PStar2 (i don't write PS2, because it's too much like PlayStation2, and PS2 must die!)

really revolutionned RPG gaming! As Sega always revolutionned video games since the beginning!
I played through the first one (which I quite enjoyed), but then got a little bored with the second. Dunno why - I preferred the humor of Lunar to PS, I guess.
Unfortunately i played PSIV before PSII. Since i was young when i did both, i expected II to be very similar to IV, so i was a little disappointed. Now that i go back and play it, i can appreciate it for what it is. And it makes PSIV that much more interesting
Great game, but too many random battles. The mazes will drive you nuts, the random battles will make you stop playing. Best way to play? Play it on an emulator and up the speed of the emulation.
Instead of writing it as PS2, you COULD write it correctly, and write PSII. And yes, the PS2 must die (PoS2 as I call it). I just got done beating the Dams, and now I'm on Dezoris. Bought the best equipment I could buy. Originally, after playing about five minutes of PSIV, and loving all that I played, I went back to play PS on FreezeSMS. Since the PS games are all one big plot (Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are examples), I decided to play PS. I got about 2/3 maybe 3/4 at max through, before just stopping. I had gotten bored of it. Since I had finally won all three PS games for MD/Genny off of eBay, and after I was finished groveling before them, I popped in PSII. I had played it a bit on Gens, and on SegaGEN for DC. I main reason as to why I was playing PSII, and PSIII, was just so PSIV wouldn't spoil any of the first three's plots. Well... I am in LOVE with PSII! Sure... I'm so used to the linearity of RPGs these days, it took awhile to get used PSII. However, now I know why everyone loves old-school RPGs so much. I hope to beat it later this week. Five or six more dungeons left to go! Then... On to PSIII!!! Beat that twice (Aron & Sean) then.. the moment I've been waiting forever for...

I don't know about this game...

I'd started off my RPG experience with Shining Force and Shining Force 2. Then, looking for more RPG's, I found PS4. I'd beaten all of those, and thought that they were great. PS4 just got better and better as I went on it...

After that, I tried PS3 and sold it right back to the store within a week.

Then I ended up with PS2...

It's a good game, make no mistake of that... but I suppose I went into it expecting too much. It's a toned down PS4, but with a far better ending. Everything else in it just seems sub-par compared to the rest of the RPG's I'd played.