Playing PS1 games via PS2 on HDTV

Hey Guys,

I recently got a Samsung HDTV. I quite like it. Recently, I loaded up Suikoden II. When I started up my saved game, I found that the game lagged big time. I don't know what the proper term is: it looks as if the screen literally refreshes every time I move my character, and there is a terrible lag in the refresh. When I run the game via s-video, the lag is gone. I ran my ps1 games via component on my old non-HD television, and it was fine. It looked great. I think it's because my TV uses line doubling to upconvert 480i to 480 and the PS1 side of my PS2 goes "huh??" :huh I don't want to run my ps1 games via s-video: it doesn't look so bad, but not as good as component. Worse comes to worse, I load up an PSX emulator, and run it that way, but I don't want to go there if necessary. Is there any way to relieve this lag? Thanks in advance!
don't know if this is it, but have you tried changing the video output settings in the ps2 system menu?