Pokemon Rom

I have seen two different versions of the Pokemon game for the Genesis. Both pirates. One is a platform, one is the RPG.

I have been trying to get the rom for the RPG game. I have seen two version on ROM nation, but the one that I suspect to be the RPG (the platform game is called "pokemon 2") doesn't work.

Has anyone ever played the rom version of the RPG. I know it exists on cart, but I have been trying to figure out if the rom really exists. Can anyone verify this for me?
I believe it was titled "Pocket Monsters". There were two of them, Pocket Monsters and Pocket Monsters 2, both pirate carts. You may find a bit of info from the comments in the game nfo page at the Genesis Collective. I have yet to see or play the game myself, but I have seen a lot of discussion on it
The Pocket Monsters 2 rom and screenshots are everywhere.

But, I have yet to see either for Pocket Monsters (1) which I know to exist because I saw it in real life in Tokyo. I am wondering why it is so scarce on the net. Many sites, including Genesis Collective, have it on the lists, but NONE have screenshots or roms of it.
just found the roms and downloaded them, i'll give you the report once ive transfered them into my portable and fired up kgen
and the result is, pocketmonsters 1 refused to load no matter what emulator

pocketmonsters 2 went to the title screen and the options screen but refused to load level.

tried kgen, genecyst, gens and kega lazarus.

i'll try it again on a more powerful system when i get home
I have the actual cart for P2. It is just a platform hack with replaced graphics. They did a good job on the intro screen and voice samples.

As for Pokemon 1, I really think the rom is a joke. it is posted everywhere but doesn't seem to ever work! (Eventhough I know the game exists!)

When Totek sends my flash cart, I will see if I have better luck on actual hardware. Sometimes, the emulators won't run some games. HOwever, I have also NEVER had success running Bubble Bobble on either an emulator or real hardware via MultiGame Hunter.