pop-up blockers


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Yeah you guys know the drill:

Need popup blocker that blocks popups and blocks em well. I dont want it to do extra stuff like give me a stock ticker or consolodate my programs into easily managable sections just block popups cause tha'ts all I need.


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Usual recommendation: Firebird (awesome)

If you ABSOLUTELY have to have IE, have you tried the new Google Toolbar?


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I use a simple program called ad-blocker. Blocks about 95% of the pop ups I get. Anyone wonder why MS doesn't integrate it into IE? Mac's new browser, Safari, has it built in. I have yet to get an unwanted pop-up from it. Yet banking sites still come up.


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Having used Firebird, I highly recommend Netscape 7.2.

Wasn't expecting that, huh?

Anyway, I think netscape has a 'cleaner' feel to it. But then again, Firebird is smaller. It's all a matter of preference I suppose.

There's also Pow! by AnalogX... the only thing is, you have to tell it which pop-ups to block. However, since they're all nearly the same (popups and ads, that is), it's pretty easy to compile a list and not worry about it again.

If anything, head over to tucows or download.com and just type in pop-up blocker. I've found it's pretty useful to find the most inane/obtuse/useful of programs.


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I can vouch for the google toolbar, I installed it recently and I'm yet to have an unwanted popup. Its also great as google is virtually the only search engine I ever use.

Also scan for spyware with the latest version of Ad-aware. I was getting loads of popups, its no wonder as when I scanned my computer after downloading the latest version it found 43 :blink: components.
Here is one of the most recommended popup blockers out there. Really good. And when combined with the Google Toolbar (or set in strict mode) will not allow ANY popups to get through, except if YOU initiate them.