Problem with Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter

I finally could put my hands in this game and I have a little problem:

I'm using an 4in1 cart and when the game starts I get that traditional Capcom animation and then a black screen with corporate infos in yellow (things like "These characters belong to Marvel etc etc") and after that the game just goes to the cd player screen.

Now, I think I have read somewhere that MSH vs SF is one of the games that require a "new" 4 mb ram cart, that would be found in the 5in1 carts. I think that is the problem, since my cart is very old (its bios says 1997), but I just wanted someone to confirm me that. Also, is that true that these old carts can be fixed with just some soldering? If that's so, can someone point me to a page teaching that?



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are you sure your cart have RAM at all?

What is the name of your cart?

the only game, I believe, that needed an update to a RAM card was Vampire Savior (or whatever the newest Darkstalkers game was)
Thanks for the link, although it's down at the moment

And I know that my cart has 4mb/1mb because I can play both KoF 97 and X-men vs Street Fighter
Do you see any Japanese message with the word "RAM" in it?

If not, then there is a good chance your game is damaged somehow. Maybe it was badly ripped. Or maybe it has so much problems in accessing your cart that the game crashes.
It's a burned game, and I don't see any japanese message with the word "RAM" in it. I only see the Capcom animation and the corporate screen before the game goes to the cd player screen.
Originally posted by racketboy@May 21, 2003 @ 11:25 PM

Well I'm almost positive it's a bad burn or rip.

Try getting a fresh copy

I'll try that, but I think it'll take a while until I find a new rip

Well, thanks anyway


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well there ya go

ya learn something everyday
Maybe *all* games released after vampire savior... maybe VS was the first one to have probs...

Edit: Just checked some release dates...

X-MEN VS SF - 11/27/1997

Vampire Savior - 4/16/1998

Marvel VS SF - 10/22/1998

Dungeons & Dragons Collection - 3/4/1999

SFZ3 - 8/5/1999

Just some examples...