Problem with swap trick an cd-r

Yesterday I bought a Saturn Model 1.

When I got home, I immediately unscrewed my Saturn and with adhesive tape in hand, I was ready to do the “Swap Trick”.
There I already had my first problem, that is, the small plastic part that was described to be glued to the back, was not even present. On my model, there is a small micro-switch on the top of the plastic housing, that needs to be taped. I don’t know why my model differs? Anyways, I found out what needs to be taped or covered.

So I practiced the “Swap Trick”, however, after multiple tries, I could not get it to work. After a short break I wanted to start again, however, now, if I insert the CD-R, it only spins once, then stops.

During my first attempts, that was different. The CD-R would spin multiple times, just as it could be seen in the YouTube video. Original games run and boot immediately without issues.

by the way, my files have a iso and a cue file. i selected the cue file to burn with imgburn. i think that was right(?)

Does someone have any advice for me? thx4 any help
Does a regular game still start up normally? Did you get crap on the lens?

Does a CDR spin normally if you take off the tape and put the system back to its original setup?


Staff member
maybe you have to check game region it must be same as your console
on model 1 swap method is :
put cdr
when cd player slowdowns put original cd
when ring check complete, it speeds up
put cdr

if you never notice the slowdown maybe :
the ip.bin wasn't burnt
the game country is wrong
the cdr is burnt too fast ? like x32