putting a CDR mod into my 32-pin saturn

Ok ive read mals post about how to mod a 21

soft-pin saturn and followed it as best as possible. Anyways I now have a saturn with a mod in it, yet it dosent quite work.

ive sodderd everything correctly as it should be and yet when i go to test it it wont play cdrs

only the music from them, and with normal retail games it only plays them if i jiggle the board. else it only plays music from them...

i have tried both A to B sodder and A to pin 14 sodders as well as 019 and 014 switch sodders

i did my best to make sure they were clean jobs.

I would like to know if there is anything else i can check to make sure my board is not dead

or if i did a shltty job. thx! :huh


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OK im figuring you have the 32pin chip on the cd board. SO, by any chance did you stick that power cord in the 9v of the PSU... if so chippy went fry fry. Other then that, you have done every stinkin' way for testing the chip.

what kind of saturn do you have anyways? theres several ver. 2 models and i heard that this certain one has some crystal on the cd board that doesn't work with a mod chip.
hmm i dunno what version its a regular sega saturn black, it aint a sanyo gehy grey and its deff not a japanese white so its just a plain black saturn 32-pin chip with 21 soft-pin cable in it, thats all i know about it

anyways no i did not fry the chip like an idiot by putting the power wire into 9v its deff in 5v

i've read all guides online that pertain to my board and chip and all had the same general

method of approach.

EDIT: Just found out its a model 2 board cuz it has the round power and reset buttons wich means its a 21 pin cable wich means it should be working!!

---Oh and i got the board from Jandaman.,
[Hey i'm haveing a simuler problem

the CD spins plays only music

I have a V2 Saturn, 32 pin chip 21 pin cable drive made by JVC

tried both chip jumper settings

power is on the 5V (confirmed with meter)

tried signul on both pin 14 and position b on chip

PLEAsE help i so want this to work.


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oh whoops, head screwed up there... i was commenting on the picture the kid posted not the 32 pin chip. sorry

ok if you dont have the drive that piratero posted but instead the one with the long 32 pin chip. Try bridging A+B on your mod chip and putting it on 0014. That should work. I have NEVER had any problem with the 32 pin chip.

If you have the drive posted by pritero. Then its pin 8 you want. Thats the 8th pin down on the left side of that square chip. If that doesn't work your shit out of luck and have one of the V2's that wond take that model chip. I hear (never tested personaly) that the chip these guys sell that looks like this chip works on all 64pin and 32 pin CD board chip V2 saturns.