Questions about the Master System

I've been thinking about purchasing a Master System for the past few months to kind of finish up my Sega systems collection (Yes I play everything I collect), but I've been feeling kind of skeptical about buying one. I need a few questions answered before I would even move on to the next stage.

1. Are American Systems compatible with European games. (This was something I merely heard, I'd just like some comfirmation)

2. Would you really say it's worth having one now? (I know this is very opinionated but I like different opinions)

3. Are the Phaser Guns hard to find.

It would be greatly appreciated if these questions would be answered. :)
its def worth it for a master system heres some answers

the gun is pretty easy to find

you can play euro games on a us console

its really worth buyin one the games rock

you can pick up the system pretty cheap on ebay check it out you wont regret it :D
Thanks a bunch for the answers. The games I've really been thinking about getting are Sonic the Hedgehog, Spiderman : Return of the Sinister Six, Operation Wolf, Gain Ground, Ninja Gaiden, and Sonic Chaos. Any suggestions (besides Phantasy Star, believe it or not I actually don't really care for it)


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BTW, if you already have a Genesis (1), you might as well just get a Power Base Converter. They're generally cheaper than Master Systems and you'll have fewer cables cluttering things up. Also, tototek sells a converter that will work with a Genesis 1 or 2 and also supports playing Mark 3 games. It doesn't have the polished look of the PBC, but the functionality is the same.
gangster town is a cool shooter i also enjoyed rampage,outrun,afterburner and theres so many more. ive never played gauntlet on sms but i heard it rocks ive been lookin for it but havent found one worth buying yet


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btw, some game recommendations -- these games were all released in the US and are fairly easy to find:

Double Dragon




Rambo first blood part II
don't forget the 3D glasses too.

Though if you want to use those make sure you get the model1 SMS, and I dont know exactly but I think theres a couple power base converters out there and only the 1st official sega one supports cards (needed for the 3d glasses)
Of course it's worth getting one, they're too cheap not to get. :) And as you already know(?) the best Sonic game exists only for the Master System (maybe the GG-version is the same, I don't really know).

I'm gonna hijack this thread for some Master System questions of my own. The MarkIII had an additional or a different soundchip from the Master System. Was the sound different in every game from the western conversions? Maybe there's a emulator that supports the MarkIII sound (and maybe I have to find out on my own, but hopefully someone already knows.)


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Actually the Mark 3's sound was the same, it's just that you could get an additional FM synthesis module to enable the enhanced sound. The Japanese version of the Master System had the FM unit built in. Not every game supported it, but many do.

As for emulators, there are probably others that will support it (I'd be really surprised if Kega Fusion didn't), but the one I've used that I know does (and runs under Linux) is XE.
It's most definitely worth it. I bought both of my Master Systems for $10 a piece, very cheap & affordable. I tend to not see the Light Gun in the wild, but eBay has several. a few of my favorite titles are Altered Beast & Castle of Illusion. Castle of Illusion usually sells for 18+, so try and get the Euro version. I really like Double Dragon (which was already mentioned).

Good luck on the road to getting a highly loved classic system.