Recommend me some Jap Saturn Games Please

I've seen the top 50 list and i cant wade through it all and choose some games i want to buy.

So basically could you please recommend me some good games that can be gotten nice and cheaply. No way am i gonna be paying out £150 for RSG.

Thanks in advance :cheers
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, King of Fighters 97, Layer Section, Virtua Fighter 2, Street Fighter Zero 2(3 if you can afford it).....there's so many, it all depends on your taste. Mine is obviously fighters, and there is a wealth of fighters and shooters on the Saturn. These listed can be had reasonably. Great RPG's can be had for little if you have Japanese skills. You seem to be from the UK judging from the currency you use, so I would recommend heading over to because they are priced well and are located in the UK, so shipping won't be bad.
Cheers dude, aye im from the UK, used a few times actually and they provide a good service. I'm also a big beat em up and shoot em up fan, love RPG's too so i suppose i should be looking out for those titles mentioned. Any other people have recommendations?


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For shoot them up :

- Thunder Force 5

- Radiant Silvergun

- Layer Section 2

Beat Them Up :

- Guardian Heroes

- Silhouette Mirage

- Loaded


- Baroque

- Arcana Strikes

- Black Matrix