Recommendation for a new non-overheating laptop?

Up till about a week ago I used to used to have a Sony Vaio PCG-GRV670. It worked great for the first year, till I started to notice some overheating and power-consumption issues. The back of the laptop (near the air-intake) was always hot and could not be touched, the bottom of the laptop was more warm that normal, and the fan was operating more loud than usual. Eventually at one point, the laptop had started to reboot randomly do to overheating problems (my guess was that CPU was simply reaching temperatures that it could not operate at and was shutting down as a safe guard).

Anyway, when this started happening, I began reading up on various issues that people had with the same (or similar) models. People for the most part reported that the issues were related the nature of the laptops design, and that it was a dust magnet. Some said that if it were cleaned out. the system would operate fully. Thus I took my laptop, removed the speaker, keyboard, and keyboard support/heat shield. Once removed, I was able to reach the fan and other areas (which had a fair, but not large smount of dust). After cleaning it out completly, I was supprised that the random rebooting went away. My computer was still warm on the back and bottom. But at least it worked.

That was till a week ago. At that time, it tried to reboot unexpectedly again, but didn't recover. It was dead. Not even the power light would flash when you attempted to turn it on. I tried cleaning it out again, but to no avail. I also removed and re-inserted other devices (such as the hard-drive, memory, DVD drive) checked the contacts in the laptop, and reconnected the ribbon cables. But nothing still worked.

I then looked for some sort of fuse, to see if that had blown (Since I had several DVD players that had the same problem). But I could find none. This then lead my to my guess that the power supply just died or burned out on the shut-down. The warranty has expired and I really don't want to pay for it to be repaired knowing that the way it's been built, future heating problems will return. Because of that, I figure that it's just a better investment to purchase a more well-built laptop.

So I was wondering: Does anyone have an recommendations for a manufacturer that produces quality, non-overheating notebooks at around the $1000-$1200 range? I don't need the CPU or graphics power that my original laptop had. Just one with a reasonable amount of memory, HD space, and reasonable CPU power for KDE and Office-like applications (I don't intend to play games on it like I did the old one).


BTW: For those wondering about the specs on my old laptop, it was:

Sony Vaio (PCG-GRV670)

Dual Boot: Windows XP - Home Edition / SuSE Linux 9.0

Pentium 4 - 2.6 Ghz

512 Mb Ram

Radeon 9000 Mobility

Hitachi TravelStar 30GB HD