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Hey guys here is a pc app i made to allow you to change the look of the GDMenu theme, This app contains some themes i've made as well as two a friend made and it also contains the following:

  • GDEMU SD 1.10 (I've included a download that does not include this too as it does get detected as a virus although it's a false positive)
  • GIMP2 Saves (Templates for making your own theme)
  • GDEMU Games List Generator (Created By Me Also) - Optional

This app is something i've been posting on the SegaNet discord and have had quite a few people test and has had quite a few updates adding features that were requested and the usual bug fixes and optimisations.

Version 0.9-new themes.png

Console Preview:
15 - Created By RazorX.png

This app also contains a built-in readme for anyone who wants to know how to use this but if you have any questions just let me know and i will be happy to answer them.

Basic Guide:
Choose a theme from the list to the right.

2. Click import theme.

3. Click save and save the .bin to the apps root directory (The name isn't important) and by default it will be named NEW-THEME.BIN.

4. Click scramble and it should bring up a seperate app to scramble the bin file (Required) and enter the info automatically and bring up a save as window, if this doesn't happen close the scramble app and click save then scramble again and it should work.

5. On the save as screen navigate to the apps root folder and enter GDEMU_SD 1.10\data\files inside that folder you will see a 1ST_READ.BIN, Delete it and then click save and it will ask you to overwrite the file even though it's been deleted so just click yes and it should save the scrambled file.
Now close the scramble app and click the GDEMU SD button on the theme manager and this will boot up the GDEMU SD Card Maker 1.10 app.

6. Insert your GDEMU sd card if you haven't already and select it on the GDEMU SD Card Maker 1.10 app and your games should appear, now simply click Save on the GDEMU SD Card Maker 1.10 app and yes to customize and then simply click Done and let it apply the changes to your sd card and the new theme should be applied and you can close both applications and eject your sd card and test it out in your dreamcast.


RACATY - No GDEMU_SD 1.10 Included

Updated (27/05/2020) - Added New Shenmue Theme
Updated (14/06/2020) - Added New Resident Evil Theme
Updated (16/06/2020) - Fixed Small Bug Preventing Compression of User Made Themes
Updated (22/06/2020) - Added Three New Themes Created By Other People
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added 3 new themes created by 'Everyone's Favorite Dead Girl' and 'Mayor Qwert' from Discord
updated the rev of GDEMU SD Card Maker i was including