Rent a Hero (GEN)


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Rent a Hero
Patch Version: v0.95

Continuing the work done by Paul Jensen, RedComet, and more, this is a translation of Rent a Hero!

When your dad gets a new job, you move to Aero City - a place where crime runs rampant, people are suffering, and cafeterias rent out powerful armor to aspiring heroes for hire. Wait, what?

After receiving a combat suit while trying to order takeout, you decide to a Rent a Hero and use your new powers to make the world a better place... while earning some spending money on the side. You'll face the mafia, killer robots, cats with upset stomachs, guys in Godzilla suits and much more on your quest for justice. Good luck - make us proud!
(Just remember to pay your rental fee on time!)


+Proofreading and inserting Paul Jensen's translated script
+Additional translation, pointer correction, and finagling of the font
+Town name map graphics translated, compressed, and inserted

Future Changes:
+Fix any remaining typos/overflows (if any)
+Fix any remaining untranslated lines/missing pointers (if any)
+Localize names based of the unreleased English Xbox version (if there's a difference)
++Make the font for the town map nicer, haha.

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