Ripping Saturn games..

How do I do it and what program should I use?

(By the way, I already read the text file in the Misc. section.)

The problem is, when I click start in CDRWin, it says something about the audio and doesn't progress.

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What is the something it says about the audio before stopping?

A bit more detail might be useful.
Sorry about that. Here:

"Error: Unable to read AUDIO sectors 41302 to 41302 on device 0:0:0. Illegal command request (04h 00h 02h 05h 24h 00h)"
I had a similar problem. I cured it by disabling audio subcode analysis within CDRWin, it then ripped the data/audio perfectly.

I hope this helps.

PS, my burner would have this error message with standard audio CDs as well, if yours doesn't then it may be a different problem.