RRR SDK released !


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Here are the main changes from the latest commits, thanks RRR for this great release!

Updated newlib to 2.3.0
Allow ${INSTALLDIR}_build_target to be customized
GCC bumped to 5.3.0
GMP 6.0.1 not on GNU FTP, changed to gmplib.org
Fixed typing error with the Newlib version
Removed obsolete sh-coff build script
Removed _elf postfix from the $INSTALLDIR variable
Updated binutils, GCC, newlib, MPC, and MPFR
Added initial support for C++

Red Ring Rico

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There's a new version of Code::Blocks that just came out. The majority of the changes are not relevant for the Saturn SDK, however, I will be upgrading it when I can. The major difficulty is that I cloned their Subversion repository and there isn't anything to connect my changes to theirs. I'm unsure of how to proceed merging the two code bases together at this moment in time as I'm currently looking into the process.