Saint Seya


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damn there is a new saint seiya man ive been wating for the second half of the first series to be finished (subed) for a long while now-- i think that series is great


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I've see all the "old" series of this great anime, all dubed in Portuguese.

And now I see the last series fan-subed


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Yup, speaking from Portugal. We actually saw the original 1st SS season subbed (japanese sound) back in the 80's on the public television

Later (like in 1999), a private network picked the whole series... Now, it's dificult to explain what happened, but the translators were asked to use their... let's say humurous way of dubbing. Imagine seeing Hyouga with the Swan image behind, (you know, the pose) and hearing him go "O meu patinho tão lindou!"(1) or a scene where someone plays the harp (can't recall correctly) and you hear Seiya saying "Olha prá ele a dar-me musica."(2).

(1) In english, something like "It's my pretty duckly!"

(2) It's a portuguese pun, "Giving me music" means stalling or trying to convince someone without hope.


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How someone can do "this kind" of translation?

Here we saw the 1st session in 1993.

Let's talk on portuguese

Se voce quiser os novos episodios da batalha de Hades, me envie uma mensagem privada.

See ya