Samba Amigo maracas 4sell

I bought 4 sets (to save on shipping) of cha cha amigo macaras for samba de amigo, but my friend decided that he didn't want them. So I'm selling these brand new for $40 each or $75 for two plus actual shipping cost (no charge for handling). These are the third party one that light up and are made by ems. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking and take care.


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refs would probably be needed for such and item considering you have 2 whole posts here.

if not, you may need to send first.
Here are some pics. Sorry about the quality of them. I don't have a digital camera, and all of my friends that have a digital cameras are home visiting there families for summer vacation. These are my set. The ones that I'm selling aren't open. References? What do you mean by that. I can give you my job references and address and phone number upon request. I'm a Johns Hopkins grad student, and I do apologize that I haven't post on this board as often.

pic 1



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when I said references, I meant like people you've bought, sold, or traded with online.

Kinda like eBay ratings or something

also the links don't work -- Geocities doesn't like image linking

try to attach them via the board's posting menu
You can check out my ebay user ranking if you like. I'm sorry about the link, but you can copy and paste the address. It should work. I don't think that this board support bmp., and I just uninstalled photoshop. I'll try to get my act together as soon as possible and get it running. I'm also knocking the price down to 35 dollars each plus shipping. If you have any better offers please email me. Take care.