Saturn Action Replay 4M plus

I have been told that teh Saturn Action Replay 4M plus is what I should get to play import games but where i can get it its a US site but I have a UK PAL Saturn. What I want to know is will it work on my system, like the Gamecube Action replay will convert any game from any region to work on any region console, or will I have to look for a certain version.
I'm pretty darn sure the 4-in-1 4M+ works in all Saturn versions from all regions... heck I got mine from Hong Kong (lik-sang) and it runs fine in my PAL Saturn!

However, if you want the real import experience you'd better mod your saturn to 60hz :)
It will work fine.

The only problem being it will force NTSC games into 50Hz, which may cause some problems on some games (music out of sync for example).

Hell check out my FAQ at GameFAQ's /plug :p

But no seriously, a 60Hz mod may be a good idea while your at it... for compatibility sake.


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It forces nothing. The Saturn controls the speed.

Overall, using an AR cart is no different from using a burnt copy that has had the region code changed.