Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

I recently downloaded Saturn Bomberman Fight!! (No easy task on 56k). However when I extracted it I found that it had a bin file but no cue file.

I read in one of the other threads here that you could burn just a bin fie in JiscJuggler which I did and the game boots (after changing it from Japan to Europe). However there is no in-game music, I then opened the bin file with CDMage and I discovered that there should heve been at least 1 extra audio track (which I could play within CDMage). I assume that all I need to burn this correctly is a valid cue file, can anyone with this game either post it here or tell me how many tracks there are supposed to be and if it is possible to make my own cue file.

I hope someone can help me as I have been downloading it all week & I really want to play the game with sound.
Well for a start I am not sure just how many audio tracks the game is supposed to have (CDMage suggested that there was just 1 audio track, but I would like confirmation).

Secondly I am not entirely sure how I would go about making my own cue sheet (I looked in the misc section but did not se anything relevant there :()
If a game has more than one audio track and is in .bin, there's no way that I know of to write a correct cue sheet, because you need to know the starting offset in the bin file of each audio track. While this could be figured out for a game with one audio track (since its starting offset can probably be determined by looking at the size of the ISO filesystem), if there are multiple audio tracks you'd need to know where each one starts.
Well I just listened to the audio track that CDMage found in it and it sounds as though it is actually supposed to be 4 separate tracks.

If someone has this game please could you tell me how many audio tracks there are supposed to be, or even make a cue sheet for it & post it here I would be immensly grateful.

I hope there are only 4 because I can extract that 1 track & split it into 4 & burn it properly.

However I looked at the CD and the total size of all the combined data is 330.29MB and the audio that CDMage found lastst for 2 minutes 22 seconds, but the image file is 523MB, which suggests to me that there should be WAY more audio there somwehere.
I have the original disc of Bomberman Fight, so I extracted it in CDRWin, and this is the cue file it came up with:

There are 16 audio tracks in all, and the total disc time (including the data track) is 56m 44s. The .bin image size is 572MB.

If all else fails, e-mail me with your address and I'll post you a CD-R of the game. I'd hate to think you downloaded all that data for nothing :(

Mike G
If the cuesheet from Mike G doesn't work, try this method:

Open the BIN with CDmage using one of the audio filters (e.g., audio track image file) and extract all audio tracks as WAV to your HDD. Close CDmage and open it again. Open the BIN as M1/2352 data track. Extract it as M1/2048 data track to your HDD, rename to *.ISO afterwards. Now you have an ISO/WAV and you should know what to do from there.