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Saturn Dev in Code::Blocks IDE

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by Amon, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Amon

    Amon Staff Member

    For those of you that are sick of SaturnOrbit aka Dev-C++ as an IDE I was able to set up Code::Blocks for Saturn Dev. Of course I have heard of people setting up and using MS Visual Studios for Saturn Dev.

    I was able to compile a derivative of Rockin-B's Saturn Game Tutorial as well as well as my own app that does not use the SGL or SBL.

    Another bonus about Code::Blocks is that it is Cross Platform Windows, Mac and Linux. Anyone interested in a guide to setting it up? or a package install like SaturnOrbit but with Code::blocks and not devc++?
  2. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy New Member

    A guide would be more helpful for people not on Windows. I run Xubuntu, so I vote for the guide. :)
  3. Amon

    Amon Staff Member

  4. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy New Member


    A little TOO simple. Just look at some of the Code::Blocks guides for PSP/PS2 development. Come to think of it, I helped write a couple of those guides. I should probably do one for this myself.


    Any suggestions on a good sample program to compile to test that everything is working right? Preferably one that boots from CD as I don't have one of those PC links - just a chipped Saturn.
  5. Amon

    Amon Staff Member

    Sorry for the simple guide but I set everything up in Windows using DevC++ being installed and used all of the folders and stuff from that.

    I would say one of the best sample programs to compile and test everything is working would be Rockin-B's Saturn Game Tutorial http://www.rockin-b.de/saturn/saturngametutorial/SaturnGameTutorial.htm

    I also tested with a few Saturn games that do not use any libraries. Charles MacDonald, Piratero, etc etc just look at the C4 contest results and try those.
  6. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy New Member

    I'll look that over. Hopefully it isn't too much trouble getting it all going in linux. I noticed many of the tools (like graphics and sound converters) are for Windows or Mac. That might make it a like more work.
  7. Amon

    Amon Staff Member

    Yeah, I do not remember who made one or if it was released but someone had a nix graphics converter for the Saturn. I am working on a graphics converter as well but its from the .net framework. Unfortunately some of the nice Sound tools are for old macs.
  8. TheFifthElement

    TheFifthElement New Member

    Could you be more specific here? I'm lost. :ermm:
  9. Amon

    Amon Staff Member

    Detailed instructions WIP

    Step 1) Download and install Codeblocks with mingw into a directory with no spaces ie C:CodeBlocks

    Step 1.5 Optional) Download and install DCDev R2 (post link later) if you wish to do dreamcast dev from CodeBlocks as well.

    Step 2) Download http://vberthelot.free.fr/SaturnOrbit/saturn-orbit-r1-patch2.rar and extract into C:CodeBlocks . You should have the two folders C:CodeBlocksSH_ELF and C:CodeBlocksSH_COFF Goto step 3.
  10. Amon

    Amon Staff Member

    Step3) Download a this file *link removed for the moment* and extract into C:\CodeBlocks

    Step4) Start Codeblocks. Goto Settings -> Compiler and Debugger... hit the copy button and name it Saturn sh-elf

    under the other options tab add "-m2 -Wno-deprecated #-fno-rtti -fno-exceptions" without quotations.

    click on the search directors tab compiler subtab add the following directories









    click on the search directors tab linker subtab add the following directories






    click on the toolchains tab set the directory to C:\CodeBlocks\SH_ELF\sh-elf\

    in the additional directories add


    C:\CodeBlocks\SH_ELF\Other Utilities

    Repeat for SH_COFF
  11. Amon

    Amon Staff Member

    Specific enough? [​IMG]

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