Saturn I/O

Hey all,

I've been messing around with the controller port for a little while and I was just wondering if there was any way for the saturn to output to it. You know, "on" or "off" states for the +5v pins and stuff like that. Kinda like a parallel port on a PC. If it is possible, then wouldn't we be able to make our own peripherals for it, maybe something like force-feedback? I've got some spare parts and a soldering iron that are praying someone knows how to do this...

Like always, any input is much appreciated, Oh hey! and where do we send stuff we've coded?? I've got a really really simple 3D demo that lets you move around in a basic 3d setting, Bulk Slash style (or maybe MDK for you playstation lovers) using the controller. It'll even play a track from whatever cd is in the drive (I use Fighters megamix track 12). I used a sin, cos table to give the plane its own coordinate system (Gah! Never thought something from QB would come in handy...) Maybe it could be useful to someone, it'd be easy to make a little game out of it.

Well anyway, thanks again!!


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You can email all your saturn stuff to Daniel,, he's in charge of the Saturn Dev section on this site.

Yours sounds like an interesting demo, submit it for the contest (which is due tomorrow).
Sure thing, I just sent my .BIN file and the source code. Man, I forgot how much it clipped, heh :lol:. As usual, if anyone has any questions...feel free to post and I'll try my best.

See ya!!