Saturn Modchip Questions

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Hi guys, I am brand new here
I have been into modding psx and dc stuff for a while... I have lots of experience in those two systems but I am actually starting to get into Sega Saturn *Yea I know a tad bit late eh? lol* anyways my local game store has a nice model 2 saturn im going to buy and he is going to put in a modchip for me... I know the modchip will allow me to play CD-R backups of my games, but will it play Japanese Original games and CD-R backups? Thanks..
Yes, a mod chip will allow your saturn to play CDR games, but so long as they are from the same region as your machine, ie only american backups will play on a us saturn. To play imports on your saturn you have 3choices,

1. As long as you have got a mod chip or are good at swapping, you can use a program called "satconv" to change the region code of a game, although you have to rip an iso of the game, apply the patch and then reburn it.

2. You can buy an action replay or a gameshark,


3. You can install a langauge switch into the machine and/or a 50/60Hz switch.
To play CD-R import games, you'll need one of the following in addition to an installed modboard on your Saturn:

  • a converter cart (i.e., Action Replay 4M Plus)
  • install a region switch on your Saturn
  • patch the region code of the game image to match that of your Saturn console before burning your CD-R using the Saturn Country Code Changer found at the Miscellaneous page, Saturn section.