Saturn Orbit patch/update


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I threw together a patch/update for Saturn Orbit. It updates GNUSH COFF and ELF to the latest versions GNUSHv0601-COFF and GNUSHv0803-ELF respectively.

Install directions

To install remove the SH_COFF and SH_ELF folders in the Saturn Orbit directory and replace with the ones in the patch/update. Then start Saturn Orbit. A message will pop up saying that some directories are invalid click cancel/no.

Next click on tools then compiler options. Select Sh-coff from the first drop down list in the compiler tap. Next click the directories tab. Finally click the c++ includes subtab and double click the first directory it should be something like C:\SaturnOrbit\SH_COFF\sh-coff\include\c++\3.4-GNUSH_v... etc replace it with


Hit okay.

Now for sh-elf, follow the same directions above except selecting sh-elf and replacing it with C:\SaturnOrbit\SH_ELF\sh-elf\sh-elf\include\c++\4.3-GNUSH_v0803

VBT is kindly hosting this so grab it from him. Its aprox 93MB.

This was mentioned in the GNUSH post but...

The GNUSH v0803 is based on gcc-4.3.1 [released], binutils-2.18.50 [dated 30th July 2008], newlib-1.16.0 [released], gdb-6.8.50 [dated 11th August 2008]. With support for vista

GNUSH v0601 is based on gcc-4.0.2, binutils-2.16.1 and newlib-1.12.0.