Scary Stories


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It doesnt have to be your story but it has to be real. It's almost holloween and we need some scary stuff!

"The scariest story I have is one I was only peripherally involved in. Please pardon the verbosity, but I do believe in being thorough.

Waaay back in High School I opted to attend a birthday party some distance from my home. I knew everyone there, and rode there with a friend of mine. At the time I was quite interested in methodology, and this particular friend and I conducted many experiments.

We arrived considerably later than everyone (due to the distance), and when we got there we found a large crowd out back playing with a ouija board.

We did not immediately join the crowd gathered around, opting instead to refresh ourselves at the food table. While talking over some very mundane topics with a few others, we were very abruptly and loudly asked to please leave the backyard and either go inside or preferably for a drive.

When we inquired as to what in the world was the problem (though probably not so politely), we were told the spirit on the board didn't want us there and refused to say anything else until we left. Being more than a little belligerent after a long drive, we went directly to the group with the board. Next to the board were several sheets of paper with some sketches and many phrases written phonetically in a non-English language.

We seized the documents in question and demanded an explanation. The response was rather sullen, but after a few threats we got the following story:

They had started playing with the board about an hour before we showed up. At first it was sluggish and only moderately responsive, but after changing around partners a few times they began getting a very distinct response. Over the course of the discussion, they received instruction on a ritual that would allow the spirit they were talking to to manifest itself. It showed especial fondness for one of the girls there, and talked at length about her importance to the ceremony. When we showed up it had expressed a profound dislike for both of us immediately and demanded that we leave or it would stop talking.

While I got the story, my friend looked over the papers. The sketches were of diagrams to be drawn for the ceremony. These included a circled pentagram and thaumaturgic triangle. The ceremony revolved around a calling with the girl the spirit liked to be the focal point. We did not recognize the non-english phrases.

We made the players say goodbye, confiscated the board and papers, and spent about 15 minutes lecturing the participants about the stupidity of what they'd done. We then took the materials and left. My friend was able to identify some of the phrases as Latin. From what he could gather it was a summoning ceremony that included a ritual, though symbolic, sacrifice - in this case the girl it had showed great interest in.

We burned the board on our way out in a dumpster just down the road. The papers were later chucked into a trash can. The participants never talked to us about the incident again, though no friendships were damaged. It just never came up ever after.

Just FYI - we were very familiar with everyone there. None of them knew Latin. Most of them were really naive and/or unimaginative (in the direction of the paranormal I mean). In other words, the likelihood of a hoax was negligible. Personally, I don't think the ritual was all that serious - I think something nasty was messing around with little church kids. Still, it underscores just how dangerous some things out there can be."
Those things always freaked me out...though studying them now in Psychology make sme feel a little better...though not entirely better. The explanation just doesn't fly for me.

I got a couple short stories. Both true. In fact I have a bunch but to refrain from boring everyone...well you know.

One time I went to a friends house and we were playing videogames. (Star Ocean: The Second Story, to be exact). He always used to screw around about how his house was haunted though I never believed him. We were totally engrossed when we heard footsteps in his basement. (Cliche, I know) We headed downstairs to check it out, but, as you would figure, there was nothing there. When we got back upstairs, we looked into his kitchen and all the cupboards and drawers were open. That was definetly not normal.

Second, theres my grandfather. Coming from Italy and believing in all that supernatural stuff, he never was short of stories. One that particularly stands out is one he told me about a couple he knew. There was a legend in his town of a couple that got into a fight a long time ago. The man was a soldeir and he got angry with his wife killed her, then hung himself off a bridge.

One nite, my grandfather was walking home when he saw a man and women fighting on top of a bridge. He was scared of course because no one ever came down this path, and these people were dressed rather oddly. He ducked down behind a rock and pulled his gun out, but when he looked back up.....


Last story I got was probably the freakiest. There is a legend of a haunted farm house nearby me. The legend is the same, angry husband kills family...wife hangs herself from bridge...I don't remember the details exactly. Anyways, we were driving along this deserted country road (and I mean deserted) when I noticed cars were following us. Oddly, I would have picked up on them earlier but they just kinda popped outta no where. Thinking nothing of it, I continued to drive. After a good few kilometers i looked into my rearview mirrors and the cars disappeared before my very eyes. I didn't wanna say anything for risk of sounding delirious (it was late after all) I kept my mouth shut. I just turned and looked at my two friends who both had very shocked looks in their faces. They both saw the same thing. The cars were gone. I stopped my car thinking maybe there was a hill and there lights disappeared in it and would reappear shortly. So I waited. Nothing. I turned around to go check. Nothing. I went to see if there was a road they turned on. Nothing.

That just totally scared the piss outta me so I got the hell outta there as soon as I could.

Well those are my stories....comment away...oh and if you want me to add some fictitous ones...just say the word.