Sega Ages Space Harrier (Rev A 13M) - Hard Hacking Infinite Lives

Is there some sort of way I can do this? None of the Master Codes for the PAR codes seemed to work, even with what Psuedo Saturn Kai has and all the codes I've searched around on Japanese blogs.

I came up with this on the Mednafen debugger for the trigger when you lose lives. But I have no idea about Saturn OP codes or where to find the address I'm looking for.


I just want to say thank you for wanting to implement it to PSK. I use Lite with a flashed AR 3in1 Pro whatever you call it. I left it alone for 20 minutes with the version of the game that works on my Saturn (Derby Stallion model) when I tried it testing with my upscaler and it worked wonders.

I feel like those codes didn't exist a year ago when I made the topic, or maybe I just wasn't looking in the right place. I looked on Japanese sites and didn't find anything and even made the topic on and nobody ever replied. Thank you for this.