Sega CD Help!!!

I have just received a Sega CD Model 1 but i dont have the original power adapter. What I would like to know is:

-Does it Absolutely require 1.2 A

-What is the polarity at the center of the tip

-If all else fails what do i do????????

When i power up the genesis, the green ready light stays on for a fraction of a second and ONCE i saw the red read light. But that only happens a few times the rest of the time nothing happens.

I can still play genesis games but i have no clue whats wrong with the sega cd

Can any one PLEASE help my i'm desperate!



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Basically getting another power supply of the same specifications as the Genesis 1 what you need to do.

Strictly speaking, the 1.2A rating isn't critical and it'll work if you have a supply rated at a little bit less than this, but you'll probably find that it gets hot and burns out fairly quickly.

I'm not sure what your problem is. Do you have a replacement power supply that you aren't sure is working? The flashing red light sounds like one of two problems to me. Either the connection between the Genesis and SCD isn't clean - you can fix this easily - or the fuse in the SCD is blown. The fuse is replaceable, but you need to be handy with a soldering iron to do it.
:damn: Still doesn't work, i have checked all of the fuses and they seem to be fine. Well it could be the 5v regulator but i think the sega cd is just dead.

Or is it possible the genesis is malfunctioning. Because i have a sega cd model 1 hooked up to a genesis model 2.
It looks like there's no power going in to it.

I have checked all the fuses and tried it with many different power adapters.

What should i do now?


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Did you try cleaning the connection between the genesis and SCD? If you are sure it isn't either of these problems, I don't know of any other common problems/solutions to "my SCD isn't working".

If you can find a replacement regulator, give that a shot. It could be anything at all though... :(