Sega CD translations


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I've been wondering if theres any good sites out there explaining ways of translating the text in sega cd games. Is it as annoying as translating saturn games.
Its like translating a genesis game.

You just need to rebuilt the iso after the translation (and include the segacd header of the original iso).

Which game do you want to translate?


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i was posting about locating a legit copy... then i thought about it and i would like to see it in english. (and im not speaking of the genny one)

oh and i know theres LOTS of text in it.
if you're lucky, there is a file with all the text...else....:)

good luck! :)

I always wanted a software to extract file then re-inject it (of course with the same size) on a ISO file...does someone know if it exists ? LordOfDuct, you could be interested too...
You can extract (using win rar) all the files of a segacd iso.

And to rebuild the iso, just create a iso with nero on a virtual disk, then copy the header of the original iso in the nero-created iso.

(I did that when I edited some traks of BC racer)
it seems to simple....I found the files structure a little complex on the MCD...i know it's ISO9600 but the software to READ file is ON the it could be possible for a game to say "the file is on sector 267" and then, with your way, you'll got some problems...

but perhaps i'm wrong, i didn't go far away on MCD


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well il take a look and see. ill just have to wait till i get my internet back... i can only surf at work now cause me poor.
In 80% of the time, the segacd really make a "DIR" on the ISO, then load the file from his name (like a real computer).

But, as kaneda said, if the iso contains many many files with long names and (as said in the programming doc), the TOC is so enormous that you need to reload it by software.

In that case, the ISO can't be rebuilt.

But I'm not sure that lots of segacd games use this method because its dangerous (Imagine if there is an error for the final pressed CD ^^).

You should just have a try by adding a non-game file in the iso and check if its still working.
Yeah, just Nero/Winrar/hex editor ("BZ" for exemple).

Warn: To add the iso header after the nero step, be sure that the iso file is less than 100MO or else, the hexa editor may encounter problem ^^.

The best should be to create a software which do that automaticaly (copy 0x0-0x3000 from the original and overwrite the 0x0-0x3000 of the nero created).

Btw: I said 0x3000 because i noticed that. I'm not really sure of this value (ie:Some games probably require 0x0-0x4000?).
Guys.. sorry to burst your bubble.. but you're making this sound WAY to easy; and belive me.. it's not.

There are people who devote untold hours to translating and converting games. Sometimes a single project takes years.

If you want to talk to some of the experts on this, go here:

The Whirlpool.. translation headquarters. ALL the "head honchos" of translation hang out here and in their forum. All of the major translation "groups" are represented as well. They're a nice bunch of guys.. always willing to help (Provided they have the time. Most are very dedicated to their work and hence, very busy.).

You could put in a request.. but their agendas are always way full.

AFAIK.. some PSX CD titles have been translated, and a few Saturn ones as well.

Shadowrun CD would be excellent.. and so would an English version of Policenauts.

Good luck though.
Yeah, translating is hard but translating a segacd games is not very harder than translating a genesis game (thats what i wanted to say here).


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thanks scorch... thats exactly what i was asking for, lots of help dude.

and im in the mood to dedicate some time to something, im thinking what its going to be at this point, making an rpg, translating a game or some huge art project my buddy wants to do.


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Originally posted by lordofduct@Oct 10, 2004 @ 02:06 AM

I am learning that the HARD way. Harder than Cloud is for Des.

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What the hell?



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Hey Skank, weren't you working on a Saturn Snatcher translation a couple years ago...

I take it the project's dead?


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Originally posted by RolfWrenWalsh@Oct 10, 2004 @ 09:18 PM

Hey Skank, weren't you working on a Saturn Snatcher translation a couple years ago...

I take it the project's dead?

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We could not develop the proper tools to reauthor the cd because of the odd iso format that snatcher used, and replacing the font also would have taken more ASM hacking skills than we had available to us, so unless someone wants to take that up, yes, the project is dead.