Sega CDX question(s)


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For $20 bucks, as long as it works, grab it. The go for alot more on ebay... I think jurassic park is one game, and there might be a few others. Also, Sega never wanted people to use the CDX w/ a 32X . However the 32X manual show how to install it. ( there is a insert card stating to disregard the instructions, and not use it ) I'm not sure if it was a tech issue, but I know that you could NOT open the CDX door w/ a 32X on top.

I'll always be sad I got rid of mine a few yrs ago. It was a neat little bugger ..


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I curently use my cdx with a 32x i never had any problems but the door does ope just half way and you gotta pull the cd out but nothing hard to do.
The cdx doesnt work with a Power Base Converter, I tried with my PBC and nothing happened, or it wouldnt connect properly, its just like trying to use the 32x on a nomad system.
No, not in the least, since the 32x has its own power supply, it receives its power that way. You'll also have to note that I had to doctor the rfu adapter just so I could get it into the AV OUT on the nomad. Its not really a good idea to do any of this because it makes the system a bitch to hold and its no longer portable. I just did it for curiosity reasons.