Sega celebrates 32X with soundtrack CD


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Deviating from the way we would expect Sega to mark the 32X's 15th anniversary -- by trying really hard to forget about the 32X, just like every year -- the company has announced a CD full of music from 32X games. The Super 32X 15th Anniversary Album includes what looks to be all the tracks from Space Harrier, Stellar Assault, Virtua Racing Deluxe, Parasquad, Metal Head, and Virtua Fighter, all as they sounded on the 32X.

The CD will be released through Sega's Wavemaster label on March 31 for ¥3,625 ($40), which is more than you should pay for a 32X system.

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You're a 32X fan? What could you possibly like about it? ...other than Knuckles Chaotix of course.
DOOM, the months I stared at the amazing graphics in Game Informer and on the erotic 32x commercials on TV, having to wait until Christmas to finally get to play my first first person shooter ever, when my computer wasn't powerful enough to play any of them (16mhz 386 SX).

The hours I'd spend roaming every hall in each level trying to make sure I'd found every secret possible before hitting the exit.

That was definitely the highest point.

Despite Knuckles Chaotix being the traditional "yeah it's the sonic(sorta not really) game unique to the 32X" it's not by any means great or a system defining moment.

Then there was Virtua Racing, which despite having already rented for the Genesis (never buy though my god 80$ list price for that beech), was chrystal smooth on the 32X, great sound, and two new tracks and split screen with no slowdown.

Star Wars Arcade was technically the game that propelled the 32X through the holiday season to keep it on the tails of DKC. Good thing nobody had played it before they bought it though. Having been an ace at X-Wing and worked through all the missions and training and everything, I was expecting X-Wing quality flight sim, and instead I got to pilot the Hindenberg, and after listening to the real music on the Sega CD Rebel Assault, I wonder what hamster died in my speakers with the 8-bit beeps emulating star wars music coming out of that thing.

But it was still Star Wars and therefore I played the piss out of it. I can beat that damn Star Destroyer level in one shot every time now. The last level in the 32X mode is totally awesome though if you have the patience to get there and the stupid thing doesn't crash halfway through.

But we really got our treat a few months later when Virtual Fighter came out and that was my first 3D fighter ever and it was amazing, and on top of that it was actually BETTER than the Saturn version. ?%$* Saturn after I use my grades to get me a 32X and 3 games for x-mas, then they go and released the bloody SATURN on me? Oh no you di-n't. Sure that demo of Panzer Dragoon was freakin' amazing but when the HELL was my virtua-hamster and Alien vs. Predator going to show up for my 32X? It's been listed on the Funco price list since BEFORE THE SYSTEM WAS RELEASED but not in stock yet, oh well we unlocked that grey metal dude and worked for days trying every button combo so we could list out all his special moves. The blue ninja dude with the flying head butt is my favorite, followed by the chinese chick with the spin crescent kick.

Well Virtua-Hamster and Alien Vs. Predator still weren't showing up at Funco so I rented the other games that didn't seem worth 60$ to buy to me, like space harrier and afterburner. Fun though, but I just wanted more for 60$ for my new system. I'd been ooing over the graphics on that mech game from the Jaguar, like Iron Soldier or something

the hell my wife just effin kicked me in the crotch what is why oww I like my damn plush sawtooth shark...

and Metal Head sure looked a lot like that from the box art. Play wasn't bad, though the animation go real choppy if you were running and tried turning. But that level where you go into a building was pretty cool. But there was only like 5 levels and I swear to god there is no actually way to complete the last level. The game felt kinda incomplete, more like a tech demo.

ow damnit I think one of them popped.

So where are we at so far. Doom & VF definitely proud owners of 32X. VR and Star Wars worthwhile additions, some fun renters.

Finally the rest star rolling out. Never quite figured out what to do with Star Fleet academy. Dogfights were fun until you realized you can put the ship into reverse and torpedo the hell out of anyone without getting hit. Primal Rage and T-Mek I got for my birthday. Primal Rage was damned fun. I don't care if it's a bad engine, at least they admit to cheese when you perform it, and the gore, fun dino special moves, and actually getting to eat your followers was pretty damn fun. T-Mek was initially rather disappointing due to the fact that it was all 2D sprites and I was hoping for actual 3D. But I made fun out of it and eventually beat it.

Virtua Hamster and Alien Vs. Predator STILL not in at Funco WTF the used price in the price list was actually going down. Rented Shadow Squadron, that was actually fun, though short. Eventually bought Motocross after renting it, as it was one of the funnest arcade-style dirtbike racing games I ever played. It still is. I got it for like 20$ at Planet Games (RIP), which was a good price for that arcade style. Afterburner and space harrier should have debuted in that range.

In the mean time, the Sega CD was still really the strong point. Adv. Batman & Robin, Eternal Champions CD, Road Rash CD, BC Racers, SoulStar, EWJ-CD, those late-release games were and still are some great games of the whole era.

I KNEW that a 32x-CD combo game should be able to give me something equivalent to that amazing Panzer Dragoon stuff on the evil Saturn, (which soon was replaced by arch nemesis Playstation which managed to oust Sega anything from all the stores in a matter of months). But all we kept getting were remakes of Sega CD games, and all FMV games at that. I got Corpse Killer and despite everyone saying it should work with the justifier, it DIDN"T but I used the control pad anyway. A while later after I'd already beat it, I finally did acquire a Menacer, and it was actually more fun with the control pad. The Menacer has this follow-cursor thing, but it has so much lag that it's impossible to actually target and shoot with it, because the shots actually fall on the slow-lagging cursor. It was GREAT for T2: Arcade though. Those built in 6-in-1 games though were too easy for too many levels though, they really need to make an option to let you start at level 20 or something.

So, I'd say Doom, VF, Virtua Racing, Star Wars, Motocross, Space Harrier, that's the worth owning a 32X for list. Once you got the 32X, you'll get enjoyment ouf of Shadow Squadron, Afterburner, Zaxxon/Parasquad, Primal Rage, Knuckles Chaotix, and BC racers unless you have the Sega CD version. Though you get 2P and better graphics in 32x, but you get better music and animated cutscenes in CD version. I didn't own Zaxxon or Night Trap or Knuckles until post reiterest period, so I didn't mention those earlier.

Darxide seriously if it was only a 5$ game I still wouldn't own it, it's rather boring and flat, despite proving that yes the 32X/CD combo could have provided stuff as good as the Saturn given the chance.

I also enjoy the Cosmic Carnage a bit, the hitting off peoples armor and the auto-zoom in (when even the Sega ports of Samurai Shodown still didn't support it). Kolibri I'm not sure on yet. 36 Great Holes is a pretty fun golf game, though the putting system needs some work. Though arcade style golf has just been surpassed since I picked up Waialai on the N64 for 1$ and that is really good. Zaxxon is hard as nails but has a really interesting twist never done again, where you can take over enemy craft by humping them, and then you can gain much better firepower. Some horizontal 2D shooters have had similar ideas (blazeon, SNES, Gairies, Genesis), but nothing quite so effective.

And then that side article in Game Informer came one day mentioning, where is that Virtua Hamster? And they said it wasn't coming. DAMN. I bet alien vs. predator wasn't coming either.

And then Game Informer stated that this issue would be the last issue to include 16-bit, Genesis, CD, 32X, anything. And that was the last issue I ever got. And console video gaming died. I got a new PC to prepare for college. This PC could play Tie Fighter and Dark Forces. The era of PC gaming began. If Sega had just supported the 32X/CD, instad of confusing the market with both the 32X and Saturn, they could have completed against the evil playstation. Instead now we're stuck with that horrible piece of shit playstation controller design for the rest of our lives.
Ohhhh 32X, how I loathe thee!

Seriously, I was one of those Sega fan boys that cherished my blazing fast Genesis while my brother had his plodding Mario games. After hours and hours of system debates, with the announcement of the 32X, I was hoping it would once and for all prove the superiority of Sega. And so, when it came out, I bought it along with Doom (yes, I too, was amazed at the graphics), popped it on my Genesis, and was greeted with glorious and smooth FPS action............for about 30 seconds. At that point, the whole system froze, and would not work again. It also fried the player 1 controller port on my Genesis.

I took it back to Toys 'R Us and they admitted to selling me a defective unit! The crooks! And so I was crushed.

I called Sega of America, with my story, and asked about getting my Genesis repaired, and they refused to fix it.

I wish I could get excited about a new soundtrack CD, but I'm afraid I'd just end up smashing the thing due to angry flashbacks. XD

I still love me some Sega, though. Genesis/Sega CD are awesome, and Dreamcast will always be my favorite console. So far ahead of its' time.