Sega Commercials

I'm looking to see if anybody has or knows of a link that has Sega Genesis commercials, especially the Sonic the Hedgehog commercials, US commercials. I have seen the Japanese version.

I am also looking for the one "Sega does what Nintendon't"

Those would be cool to have on this site as well.


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Find some Saturn :bow commercials as well! I got the Genesis Does What Nintendon't" ad. It's at SegaFans. Look for some Mega CD and 32x ads as well. Capture them off of old tapes if you got any! I LOVE watching old game ads!

Edit: Whoops, forgot the bowing smiley :D


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The saturn comercials in japan were great!!! Like that one where the guy is carring a huge saturn on his back. I don't remember a lot but it was freakin great.


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Anyone from the UK remember those Sega Pirate TV ads in the early 90's. I really liked those, although I was about 10 at the time. :rolleyes:

Sega really knew how to advertise at the time of the MD\Genesis.

I really think good marketing is all Sega needs to increase sales at the moment.


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Haha I think i might have seen that one. Does anyone else notice that when you see an old game commercial for a 16 bit title and the voice over guy tries to hype it all up it just sounds sad. It's funy because it was cool at the time but now its like he's trying to make it sound cooler than it is. Something like "AN AMAZING 16 BITS OF HEART POUNDING ACTION!" and you'll se sonic jumping on robotnik a few times.


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my personal fav, was the sega saturn "theatre of the mind"..... that was sweeet.... but I also loved the old genesis streets of rage... "billy was a wimp until he got the sega genesis streets of rage system"... unfortunately.. I forget how it goes exactly, but anywhoo. I agree having these comercials here is a must..



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Holey shit do you gusy remember the one where theys trapped a gensis to the back of a stock racer and did the same thing with a snes to see if they could handle the intensity or something? That was great.
I don't remember too many Sega commercials unfortunately. Though one I do remember distinctly is the one where the children refer to the playstation as the 'plaything'. It surprised me at first... gave me a chuckle.
i have an old tape somewhere with a megadrive add on it.

its got this japanese guy who is meant to be a scientist and he is inventing the megadrive. his name is Joe Mega.

so he does all this welding and shit and eventually he creates the megadrive 1 and plays Altered Beast. i think the add shows Super Hang-On and some other arcade ports aswell.

sonic jam has got a shit load of japanese sonic adds for those who havent played it. they could be ripped from the cd im sure.
This should be a duh, but try sonic jam?

As previous stated, I've already seen the japanese versions, therefore Sonic Jam would not be much help.

Cloud, can you post a link, or even host the video clips yourself.

Also would be cool to see the ones that have "Blast Processing"


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What about the ad for Silpheed (Sega CD)? All I remember about it is that it was set in a bowling alley and was really disgusting.


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There ya go!


16-bit Arcade graphics...


16-bit Sports Action...



Michael Jackson: "Does!"


Joe Montana: "Does!"


Pat Riley: "Does!"


Buster Douglas: "Does!"

"Get Joe Montana Free, Pat Riley Free, Buster Douglas Free, Super Monaco GP Free, or Columns Free!

"GENESIS DOES!" "(quieter voice) What Nintendon't,"

"Purchase 16-bit Genesis between now and October 31st and get an extra game."


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crap, yeah I would rather not sign up with them... but if I must to see these priceless comercials, then I will...