Sega Model 2 Emulator

Check out Elsemi's latest test release of his model 2 emulator here he added sound support, the code is still totally unoptimsed and he says theres loads of work to do but on my athlon XP 2200 the supported games run full speed (i think, its damn smooth anyway), Indy 500 still freezes control of the car after rolling start just so you know.
I get a Playable speed on my 1GHz pc with 96mb of ram, and so far have only heard sound on the sega logo of Virtual's all very nice, but when will we get a saturn emu, that runs on slightly lower spec....i'm not about to upgrade to a 2.0+GHz chip, just to play on daytona at 30-50fps.... ???


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What's the problem with Indy 500?

It's probably the one that interests me most.