SEGA Saturn 28th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread


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Non-judges, please discuss competition entries from the SEGA Saturn 28th Anniversary Game Competition thread here.
I've played The Case of The City Botucaíba, made by @sansigolo. It's a follow up to one of his Saturn games, "The Lighthouse of São Bento do Oeste". You play as Renne, a detective, and the game is displayed in a VN-like fashion with a few points where your choices can affect which route you'll continue playing, which promotes some replayability if you want to see all content / dialogue.

This time around, there is some background music in the game, which adds quite a nice atmosphere to it. I spent a few minutes in the title screen listening to it, appreciating the background and thinking to myself how cool it is that people are still making games for the Saturn after all these years.

This time, the plot is about a city that nobody seemingly knows about. I won't spoil the reasons here, but it gets political, and since it's a fictional city and a scenario based on a certain situation that happens on the region where I live in real life, even if it's fictional I could definitely picture that happening, so for me there's the added bonus of something that touches on a few "local issues" and stuff like that.

Overall, it's a short game but the character interactions are well written and the ending wraps things up nicely.