Sega Saturn game saves?

Anyone know or have some sega saturn game saves on their PC? I'm looking to download some saturn game saves to test with various emus.

Thanks. I went there a few times, but didn't scroll to the bottom. Some saves are gone though. I need a Grandia Save at the first save point. Can you provide that save? Thanks.
Hm. I've got a problem. How do I convert those saturn saves into a format which will work with the various saturn emus? I need to somehow insert the saves into the emulated memory card and backup ram of emulators. Is there a way?


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Use my program. PM me with your email address, and I'll email you an ISO of the save game copier. Then use winiso (or a similiar program) and insert the save(s) you want onto the cd, in the SAVES directory. Be sure to rename the file to match the naming convention (8 character name, 3 character extension).

Oh yeah in regards to your Grandia save, there's one that comes with my save game copier. I don't know what position in the game it's from, I don't have Grandia so I can't tell you =(

We should ask Ice to start a saves database.
Ok. I've gotten your save game converter, but am I suppose to burn this onto a cd then run it using the emulators? I guess I could also run it as an iso too. Thanks for your help. I'll burn the image and try running it in the various emus.

Update: I tried inserting some saves into the "SAVES" folder but an error message states that the image is full and can't insert the files. I'm using winiso, btw.


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Using WinIso 5.3 demo version, I had no problems inserting a file. Just right-click on the iso, when WinIso opens up double click on the Saves directory, right-click on empty space, and scroll down to insert file. Then remember to save the iso. That's it.

If your still having problems, email me the save, and I'll insert it into the iso for you.

I'd recommend testing with the GiriGiri emu, just convert the iso to bin and then use it.

Edit: In the meantime, give it a go with the Grandia save that's already in the ISO.
ok. I've successfully inserted all the saves I wanted to try out. I was using winimage, not winiso. Doh'!! Anyways, now the problem is that I get an error message in the girigiri emu when I run the bin file. Converted with winiso of course.

It says "disk reading error occured. The disk is damaged or something's wrong with the drive. Insert another disk and try again".. After this message, the saturn bios screen keeps trying to check the disk over and over without ever ending.

What is the country version of the iso? If any? So close. I just need the emulator to actually run the image. :cheers


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fivefeet8: I wouldn't recommend trying it out with too many saves at one time. I think at max it can display 10 saves (I haven't implemented a scroll function yet for the saves). Or maybe adding too many saves is messing up the internal ordering of the iso? I'm not to sure.

It's a universal iso as far as I know, you can try converting it to your country code with Satconv but it should be unnecessary. From the error message you listed it seems more likely that the iso is getting damaged.

Try it again, but with fewer saves. I hope I didn't make you waste a cd =(

I'll try and implement support for more saves in the future.
Ok. I've gotten rid of the error message. But the bin file I converted from the sg saves iso still doesn't load in the emu. It goes straight to the cd bios player screen and it loads the cd, but not as a saturn app. It's like a blank audio cd. 2 tracks, with nothing on them.

I've also tried booting the image without inserting any saves into it. Same thing happens. There is no error messages. It just doesn't boot up as a saturn app. So close now.

Oh, and don't worry about it, I haven't burned the image yet. Been trying to boot the image only so far. I may need to burn it onto a cdr and then try to boot it. I've got like 100 blank cdr's to test. :cheers


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Are using the newest version of gentoc on the bin file?

If that doesn't work I'll look for the bin + cue of my iso and I'll email it to you. Later.


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Is there a way to convert GiriGiri saves and put them on your game save copier CD ?


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VBT: For something like that, the best bet would be for someone to write a program, that lets you extract save game files from girigiri's memory files.

GiriGiri writes files in the c:\windows\profiles\saturn directory. Someone playing around with a hex editor could probably write a program fairly easily.
Originally posted by slinga@May 22, 2003 @ 02:42 PM

Are using the newest version of gentoc on the bin file?

If that doesn't work I'll look for the bin + cue of my iso and I'll email it to you. Later.

I'm using version 1.2 of gentoc. Is there a newer version? yeah. Send me your bin+cue and I'll see if it works.
I think these saves are great! But how do I get the saves from my computer to the saturn???

I have an Action Replay cart (I have noticed the parallel port on it)...

Help me connect the dots. I enjoy my dreamcast saves by directly downloading them from the DC modem. Of course, I canot do that with a Saturn. Is there an FAQ on this topic?
Update: Well, I've finally gotten it to work. I had to convert the iso image into bin, but not with winiso. Used alchohol 120% to mount the iso, then make a bin image of it. Somehow winiso wasn't converting the iso image correctly into a raw bin file. So now I've gotten a few saves into the emulated internal/external ram of girigiri and satourne.
And they work!!!

jeff-20: you'll need a comms-link card to connect your Action Replay to your PC, as the port *looks* like a standard parallel port but actually isn't. A pic of my card:


It shouldn't be hard to find as it's also used with most PSX cheat devices. I have a spare one I'm willing to sell, too.