Sega Saturn Modem

I'm thinking about buying a Sega Saturn Modem package, with 3 cd's, Virtua Fighter Remix Online, a configuration cd and a navigator (or something like that).

But I really don't know at all what can I do with that. First of all, it does work with a PAL Saturn? (I mean the hard, I suppose the swap works for the cd's).

And second, can I connect to internet or something?

If I were you, I would get it right away

That modem allows you to access internet, it is a 28.8kbps modem (not sure about this.. maybe it is 33.6kbps), with that browser that comes on a cd, you'll be able to access http sites... it doesn't support newer html enhancements...

As for the games, you can play modem-to-modem, which means you need someone who also has a saturn netlink modem, so that you can establish a direct connection between the two modems via an analog phone line, ie. you'll use that modem to call your friend's house, and if his modem is in a "waiting" state, it will "answer" the call and a connection will be established.

Few games support this feature.

Read this FAQ for more detailed info.


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Wow, i didn't know that. I thought it was like the DC and needed a server to play. I gotta pick one of these babies up.
Originally posted by IBarracudaI@Jun 22, 2003 @ 06:22 PM

it doesn't support newer html enhancements and new web languages.. php, asp etc..

:huh PHP and ASP are server side languages.


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omfgz dial up saturn, like, anyone u would actually call and play with who isnt close enough to just come to ur fucking house would prolly cost 125892972159825$ to play with, stupid
well, there are plenty of countries (in Europe, for instance) where local calls aren't free either (I heard that was the case in the 'States)...
waste of money.

why would anyone want to browse the web on thier saturn.

a netlink game with someone would be cool but seriously, the possibility of it happening are small and expensive.


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I'm with you AntiPasta.

Besides, if there were any half decent Netlink games, local calls aren't timed in Oz.


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yeah it's a nice collectors item.

finding someone local would be a pain.

but local calls don't cost more in the US.

although I get $.03 a minute long distance which ain't bad.

play an hour for less than $2 with anyone in the US