[Sega Saturn] Power flashing


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Hi to all,
I bought a not working sega saturn (HST-3210) from ebay and unfortunately and I can't return it.
When I power it, the power led still flash and nothing happened. The lens doesn't move and no sound at all. No react at the screen too.
I google it and some guys fix that with replacing the power cord or the PSU. I do both and nothing happened.
I uploaded a video here
If you have any idea, please share. Thanks


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There are hundreds of possible reasons actually. Without proper equipment it's really hard to tell what's going on. Did you replaced PSU with a compatible one, or just a random 5V&3.3V source? Some saturns have two different 5V power rails, one for system, and another for CD. Have you measured the voltages with the multimeter? Are they correct?
Does your model have an independent CD block board? (the ohe with SH1 and YGR). If yes, try removind the board, cleaning the connectors, and re-applying it back. This helped me once.

Upd: from your vid it certainly looks like a power rail is either shorted or overloaded. Check the resistance between the rails and ground.