Apparently, there was a very good freeware program called SegaTools. It is NOT the Megatools program. There are many links to it on various sites.

The program was suppossed to bea able to split Gen roms into smaller unit (good for the MDG2 format). BUT, all the sites that list it have broken links. There were mutliple sources for the program, but none are still available.

Does anyone still have this program on their hardrives. It is relatively small (under 100k). Or does anyone have any similar program capable of splitting GEN files. I want to load files larger than 1 meg on my MultiGame Hunter. Any help?
Nevermind. I found it, BUT... I have not had success splitting MGH (MGD2) files.

I tried converting a bin to MGD2 and then splitting it. no success.

so I tried to split the bin and then convert the 2 seperate files to MGD2. no success.

My MGH loads the first disk and tries to run it. How can I let it know to expect part 2 of the file?

any suggestions? Does anyone know if this program really works? or is it bogus like the game gear to genesis program?