Shining force 3 iso problem ...:o

i downloaded 10 shining force 3 rars and one actual SF3rar , unzipped them and i got a single 204mb iso file.. does this look right?> i thought i needed mp3s..

Then happy playing!!!
I'm having problems. Downloaded from Ralos. Usually, there's a cue file when I unzip it but this one has the iso without any cue file. How am I going to creat a cue file? Tried Saturn Cuemaker but it can't detect the iso. How am I going to burn the iso with nero?

I wated to burn the iso immediately but its like onl 148MB. Is there anything wrong? Please advise... thanks in advance.

Try to be a little more specific. Which game you downloaded from Ralos? I had problem with only one ISO from his FTP (Shining Force 3: Scenario 3). Saturn CUE maker can make cue files from complete ISOs. Are you sure you downloaded all the rars?
Opps... I'm sorry... its not Shining Force. Its Mystaria... Sorry for the wrong infomation. By the way, I had download all the rar files and extract some mp3s and an iso. There's no cue being extracted. May I know how can I burn it into a disk?
open your Saturn Cue Maker and make a Cue file by selecting the ISO and clicking the "generate cue" button. then save your cue file and burn it with CDRWIN.
I got it... I just convert the mp3 to wav then use saturn cuemaker to creat the cue then burn it with nero. Thanks for you help Silender.