Shining Force II


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Hey guys, I'm playing SFII again, and I have a problem. I haven't played the game in a while, and on my current save I'm on Parmecia, having already taken the Nazca ship and gone back to Grans. I can't remember where the cave is that lets you travel to Grans. Does anyone know?
Saw this topic yesterday and thought: "well, it has been a month."

"He probably found it somewhere; no need to reply."

Interesting timing.

As for the answer: you can go back using Claude's cave which can be found near Roft.

"All you need do is go to the bottom of Claude's Cave, on the left you'll find a few squares that have a sort of brown engraved panel on them, one of these will open up the way to the Magic Tunnel. From here you can go back to Parmecia, and use the tunnel to go back to Grans."

That website has all info on the game with pictures and everything if you don't like txt's.
Thanks for that. Yes, I did check GameFAQs (and SFC), but couldn't find the info. All the FAQs mentioned how to get to Parmecia from Grans but not vice versa.