Shinning Force 3

no, there is no way.

he said book 3, not SF3. book 3 opens when you beat both book 1 and 2 on segacd.
since you need to have two completed savegames (one for each book), which won't fit into the internal ram at the same time, yes.
I made a mistake. It's SF CD, not SF3. Sorry. I wanted to play Book 3. I was distracted and didn't notice what I had typed.
You *don't* need the RAM cart to play books 3 or 4. I finished all four books before I acquired my RAM cart (they're a real bitch to find in the UK).

There's a very small file (1 block) that keeps track of which books you've completed - you can safely delete the 99 block savegames and still access the two secret books.