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Does anyone know exactly what type of solder to use when soldering wires to console pcbs?

I have heard to use 60/40 Rosin-Core Solder, yet another site has said in Bold "DO NOT USE ROSIN-CORE SOLDER!"

Any comments?
I think just any type of fine solder will work fine. Ask the guys at the hardware store what would be good to use on small electronic work.
The main distinction is rosin core vs. acid core. Always use some sort of rosin core, NEVER use acid core on any electronics. Acid core will eat away the connections/traces on the pcb. Flux is also a good idea when soldering delicate components.

Check out:

Solder FAQ

That's easily the best soldering FAQ I've ever encountered online.

You know what I dont get? When I tin my Iron *placing solder on the bit* it just blobs solder in little circles and doesnt flow on the bit and get everywhere it sticks in a packed bubble circle... How do I properly get it to flow all over the bit?
Sounds like the bit is dirty or isn't getting up to the right temperature.

If it's the former, try giving it a little clean with some light sand paper or something.

If it's the latter, you might need lighter gauge solder.
Hmm the bit was brand new when it was doing that and still is so I don't know I may try latter on tonight.

Thanks for all the help you guys, you too Mal

Also I was wondering, if I tape down wires from a mod job is it ok if the wire is taped right onto the PCB, meaning the electrical tape is touching the pcb and the wire is pressed against it?
That'll work - i.e. the tape touching the PCB won't cause any problems - but you won't get a very good connection. Moving the Saturn might dislodge the wire. Soldering is by far the best option.
Sure, you can solder and then tape the wires down afterwards if you like.

It's designed to be an electrical insulator. Be aware, however, that electrical tape isn't that great for taping things down. It's better for wrapping around things.
You can use electrical tape. It will certainly hold the wire down well enough to stop if flapping around, but don't count on it taking too much strain if it gets pulled.

What mod are you looking at doing anyway?
Any kind of mod like switch mods for consoles like genesis and saturn, psx modchips etc. So electrical tape will suffice wont it?