Some sweet recent Cdda hacks of Megadrive games


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Recently I bumped into the zeldix forum, here you can find various cdda hacks of Megadrive games, some have been deleted elsewhere but are still uploaded there, I recommend grabbing them all for archiving since they are on filelockers that will be dead in a year.

and more:

MSU-MD should work as is on real CD hardware.
The only ones I can see that would be a problem is the Ys III and Rocket Knight hacks given the size of the audio files.

PepilloPev, patch author, wrote this:
#1 Krikkz's MSU-MD is nothing more than a custom Mode-1 driver that directly interfaces with the CD-ROM hardware, bypassing the Sega CD BIOS. There is nothing really new about it. Just taking an already established feature and packaging it a different way to fit his Mega EverDrive Pro line.

#2 MSU-MD is capable of seamless loop but it is dependent on the patch. In essence, a sound pack is married to the patch that contains specific loop points within it. A new patch would need to be made for a different sound pack.

#3 MegaSD always supported MSU-MD since day one. All that is needed is replacing the header to notify the MegaSD to force Sega-CD features for Krikkz's Mode-1 variant approach (ie, the MSU-MD driver). A future firmware is planned to remove the need for header modification.

MD+ is a new standard, alike to Ikari's SD2SNES MSU-1. It shares similar traits, other than just enhanced audio. MD+ is capable of streaming to/from SD card (ie, data, audio, video, etc). MSU-MD as it stands, cannot do this. MD+ features have not been fully utilized by anyone as of yet.
Note: I have heard so many bullshit stories as to why Krikkz chose to take an alternate route. This is no concern from a business stand point. What is bothersome is that so many people out there claim that MD+ is closed source. It is not, all the features are fully documented for anyone to implement.

It's a shame Krikzz didn't go the MD+ route though, MD+ clearly is the superior format.
For MD+, a MegaSD or Neodevs custom MAME build is required to play.
Oh, cool! I'll try it in my SegaCD!
I still don't have money to purchase a Mega Everdive Pro or a Mega-SD...
I'm still using a Mega Everdrive X3...

(and oddly, it don't work with my Sega 32X, keeps resetting every time I try to load any ROM with it attached on my Mega Drive 2/ Mega Drive III [brazilian models] even if testing with various SDCards... but it's another story)