song stuck in my mind

I have this song stuck in my mind really don't know how it goes only one sentence and i'm not sure the exact words. Here's what i know everyone else can help out if they think they know what the hell i'm talking about. 90s rock band dont know their name or anythign about them. lyric is "Make up your mind!" or possibly "Wake up your mind!" i'm betting it's the "make up your mind!"

if anyone thinks thy know what i'm talking about just reply
well sorry ??? i have no idea...but i always seem to have aneurysm(by Nirvana)playing in my head at times...ill wake up at 2am or whenever grap my guitar and play it(im hated by my neighbors)



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Boy, there's about a ZILLION songs with the line "make up your mind". What would really help would be the melody, or at least a better description of what the song SOUNDS like or which well-known band's sound the song is similar to. :)

Perhaps you could find a snippet of it or play it yourself and post a short mp3 of it?
Originally posted by Supergrom@July 05 2002,13:04

hehe, aneurysm is a good song =) do you bust out the intro? i can understand how that would upset a few neighbors, haha

well yeah i mostly just wake up and play the intro...during the day ill play the whole thing though(so easy)
mmmm. the cd single for smells like teen spirit had anuerism and even in his youth as b-sides. sometimes i wish i were still in the 7th grade.

c'mon over shoot the shit. love you sooooooo much makes me sick

c'mon over do the twist, over do it and have a fit!
oh btw jim, the song you're thinking of is winter by tori amos

"when you gonna make up your mind, when you gonna love you as much as i do"