Sonic CD?

Hey all,

I recently got an iso of sonic cd, but it will not play in my sega cd (europe/pal) system it only plays in an emulator. Either I burned it wrong or it is not a pal image that I burned, I read about altering the mega drive with a switch to change between pal/ntsc, will this allow me to play my iso?

cheerz for ur time, keep up the good work.



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If you have a US copy of Sonic CD you can convert it to Euro using SCDconv.

The audio will probably be out of sync with the video, but you can overcome this by adding a 50Hz/60Hz switch. Info on that can also be found in the Miscellaneous section.

If you have a japanese copy of Sonic CD, you're out of luck (SCDconv won't work), unless you feel like fitting one of Arakon's multibioses.