Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic was the very FIRST game I played on my own genesis/megadrive (the first console I got!).

Sure I played a lot on my uncle's c64 before that, but the Impact THAT game had, man SONIC=GOD!
This is THE best game series of all time... on a sub-discussion, whats everyones faveourite Sonic level ever? Mines City Escape, the 1st hero level on Sonic Adventure 2
Mine's the jungle one on SA2, it's everything a Sonic level should be! I always feel dizzy after playing it.

I've got great memories of Sonic the Hedgehog 1, I used to work in a game store called Just Micro here in Sheffield, we got a delivery containing some of the first copies from Japan. I remember tearing the box open and switching on the MD... WOW!

I also reckon I was the first in the country to find the level select cheat, in those days I had a rep for that sort of thing.
i think that sonic 1 was the best of the genesis series. it had great looking levels/music and showed us all what sega's l'il 16bit wonder could do.

as for my fave sonic level, i'd have to say City escape also. it has all you need.. speed, snowboarding?, good BGM, and oh let's not forget, Sonic!
Sonic the Hedgehog was probably one of the main reasons the Genesis sold so well when the put Sonic in as a pack in game. This game was the first one I ever played and actually finished on the Genesis. My favorite level of the Sonic series on genesis was in Sonic 2, the Metropolis zone, the music was especially good.
iceman2k you posted this game because you know its a perfect game and there is no way i can post something bad about it, and you know what johnd has gone soft on you, its a f**king ok game :| thats about as much as you will get from me  
well it's a start...hey johnd, is that the only game you have ever liked?...or the only one you have ever finished?
I was so amazed the first time i played this game
Such bright and colorful graphics...and it has the gameplay and music to back it up...on a side note, JohnD is making quite the name for himself
I suppose it was only a matter of time, till someone came here who (obviously) doesnt care much for quality
From JohnD's avatar, he is clearly consciously attempting to get a name for himself as a bit of a grouchy character. Maybe if we pay less attention he'll knock it off.

Personal favourite level: Casino Night (for the music and it playing kind of differently to the others). Also the casino with the Nights pinball in Sonic Adventure is cool.

I can't really think of a game that has a concept of gaining and losing energy as good as the rings in Sonic. Collecting them and then trying to get them back when you get hit is pretty novel in platformers, I think.
It's the game that got me from collecting but not really playing much, to spending hours on one game again, something I hadn't done since Colecovision, Vectrex, C64 or MSX days. You can realy put it into this formula;

Sonic=Sega. Sega=Sonic. What more can or needs to be said?
I love Sonic like no other video game character.

To put it simply: Sonic was strong in every thing I didn't like about Mario. Speed was awesome and I enjoyed the rings system and power-ups. Plus Robotnik always made for cool bosses. Sonic is the definition of a good platformer.
Sonic was a great game!!! My first time through towards the end of the game underwater i drowned.. but i jumped and got the bubble and lived it was so great at the time. To this day i still have my sonic 2 poster hanging on the wall

No character can ever come close to Sonic.
the original sonic was alright but the series didnt awe me until sonic 3. sonic 3 combined with sonic & knuckles is the ULTIMATE platform game by any standards.

when knuckles interacts with sonic and tails (especially in the hidden palace!) i was so overhwelmed with pure enjoyment like form no other game ever (final fantasy 7 comes close).

it would seem strange that i comapre the epicness of those two games but for me, thats just how much i enjoy it.
My favourite level must be Marble Madness just love that music+ all the deathtraps!

I just hated that underwater level, I would almost turn my md off when that awful count-down-drowning sound came on 5-4-3-2-1-DEAD!!!!

I mean, playabillity wise, you can't really compare Sonic and Mario World. mario World had unrivalled depth, SOnic had unrivalled speed.

BUT, and I think this was a big + for the Mega Drive, but Sonic and Mario World running side by side, and which looks like the more powerful machine? Blast processing at it's best  
Sonic is, to say the least. Da Bomb.

I never had the privalege of actually owning a MegaDrive. But I used to go over a friend's house ALL the time to play it.

I loved how Sonic looked so real on the original. I was kinda disappointed by his look in Sonic 2, but Sonic 3's 3D appearance gave me something to enjoy. Strangely enough, I still prefer the original sonic look.