Sonic The Movie Shows Today

Hey everyone today is very exciting for us here at Segaxtreme for its the day of our first official stream, Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie Sorry it was suppose to be up at 8AM but we had problems with the server but its up now for you all to enjoy so go to the Streaming section and check it out. We hope you like it.

OK OK i hear not many of you are liking the media player 9 video so we are switching to 8. The 56k stream is already converted to wm8 and is online now. I will have the cable stream done in a few hours.

OK Guys iv finally got the broadband version of sonic convered for wm8 its online now hope you all enjoy it.


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WMP9? And have to reformat my PC later after I finish watching this movie?

Noooooo way!

Having to download a 12MB player kinds of kills the purpose of streaming, at least for 56kers.

Better look for a high resolution DivX on Kazaa.
Very nice! I really like the idea, though it goes a little slow on 56k. Well, ill get broadband soon. I really look forward to see other interesting sega-movies.


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Quit bitching, what about the movie itself? I thought that it was pretty good and it's really good quality. However, is it just me or does anyone else feel that the voices are just not fitting at all to the characters?
lol yea that gif is 1mb i guess i wasnt thinking about the poor 56kers coz my bb runs it fine lol its coming down today anyway was only up for the first day.

yea iv had a few comments that the characters voice sound funny but they used diff actors from the original tv series so its gonna sound a bit diff
It could be fixed... audio stream is not synched with video stream

There are some tools/methods available to convert asf/wmv to avi.. then someone could just use virtualdub and correct that..

Audio is playing too early
Yea, I noticed it was out of sync aswell, which makes it kinda pointless to watch
Its a shame cause I REALLY want to watch this, cant find it on kazaa or anything <_<
Originally posted by Gallstaff@May 27, 2003 @ 11:27 PM

Yeah that's why i ricght clicked save as so i could watch it at my own pace without it coming out of sync

Nah, I downloaded the whole file, but it was out of sync. Also the streaming one is out of sync aswell
The 56k stream is in sync, but the pictures not very