SSMTF's Multiplayer Slime Volleyball

SSMTF's Multiplayer Slime Volleyball

Temporary giving up the third dimension as well as concept-based games, I've begun coding a simple and funny multiplayer slime vollleyball for the saturn. Simple, because I'm tired of "le spin" messy code; and funny... well, you will tell.

I didn't want to write anything about it until it's finished; but considering the recent passion for porting old game to the saturn, i have the distressing presentiment of someone beginning the same work.

Appart from the sound, almost everything is coded (about 500 lines) and compiles without a warning but having problems with sgl displaying sprites, i have no idea if a single line of it works for now. However, it should not be too complicated to get sprites working.

Any feature idea ? It's time for your suggestions.


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SSMTF's Multiplayer Slime Volleyball

I don't like slime volleyball. Good work with the coding anyhow.
SSMTF's Multiplayer Slime Volleyball

Nice idea! I have one of those slime-volleyball games on my calculator :) Maybe I can find the asm-source four it if you need. (z80). But id guess that won´t be very helpfull...


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SSMTF's Multiplayer Slime Volleyball

Will it be like the blobby game I know ? I sounds great for me :) good luck

SSMTF's Multiplayer Slime Volleyball

daniel : thanks for your offer, but It would me spend more time understanding asm code than writing it all by myself (in C).
SSMTF's Multiplayer Slime Volleyball

Slime Volleyball is quite fun. Maybe make it able to play 2-6 players (Multitap compadible), store stats per a players name (similar to Death Tank Zwei) would be cool too. Anyway, best of luck! This is excellent game, I've seen the source out there for several Java-ports of the game so I assume its not too hard to port.

Great idea for a project!
SSMTF's Multiplayer Slime Volleyball

Thanks for your suggestions, Edge

Maybe make it able to play 2-6 players (Multitap compadible)

Of course ("the M in SSMTF is mean serioulsy"...)

store stats per a players name (similar to Death Tank Zwei) would be cool too

Oh, I don't like stats, so it won't be a priority... But i'll put in on my todo list anyway.