Stupid windows 2k


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I just got some more ram for xmaas and it's the same exact kind as the other stick in my machine. If i try to slap it in and boot up 2k, I get an error saying that i'm missing a file caled ntoskrnl or that it's corrupt and I should reinstall this file. This doesnt seem to be a prolem when i take the second stick out.

What i tried was setting the bios to boot from a cd first and popped in the 2k cd to try and fix the corrput files. No good, I get an error saying remove any recently installed hardware and restart thecomputer so I do and that fixes the problem but I'd like my ram to work. I need to play me some call of duty!

Does anyone know what I should do? Some reccomend boot disks and what not but i got no idea whats going on with that. So does anone know what to do?

EDIT: Ok this is kinda weird. I just changed around where the sticks were *one on the left and one on the right, middle is empty) and for some reason this gives me different results. I can boot up and get to the windows is loading (with the little blue bar just going, not the actual loading screen in black and white) and then it'll either restart, or go a little bit then restart. During this whole thing, my HDD light is also on. And now for some reason, my cd drive isnt even recognized in the bios. What the hell is up with my computer?

And on some random occasions I get a different sort of blue screen and it's still telling me i need to reinstall the ntoskrnl. This screen usually comes right after the windows is loading (the colored) screen.
3 got an nforce board? if you do you have to have the ram in certain slots for it to work. but that krnl error is an OS error for sure.....


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I got a via board. Good news however. I can now successfully boot into windows most of the time. The problem with the am was that it was seated all fucked up apprently you cant lock it in yourself, it's gotta snap in. Problem solved.

Ok so I got ths kernel and another problem. I boot up windos and it says winows will now shut down in 50 seconds because system has encoutered an error. Now it doesnt mean my sysem it means a file called system. Do you know what the crap this could be?
that windows will shut down thing sounds liek the worm blaster unfortunately. the kernal thing can only be fixed (afaik) with a clean install of the OS. evertime ive had kernel problems ive been simply fucked. so i say do a reformat/clean install and then do windows update completely (since it contains the blaster fix). i could probably send you the blaster fix if youd not rather mess with a reformat but like i said the kernal problem will still be there.


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That can't be I killed the worm and got the patch months ago. crap this could be a new strain... Is there any way to just clean the registry without actually reformatting. I'd really rather not. I mean, I know theres a way to have windows cleaned up from doing crap with the cd but is there a way I can do this without booting into windows, like from the bios or something... cause I cant stay in windows.

And also, What the hell is up with that kernel?
your right, you can clean up the computer, but I'm not to sure if you need a floppy disk, or if you can use the Win2k CD (never handled one).

put it in, and reboot. you may have to enter your BIOS and set it up to boot from the floppy (mine Award BIOS has an option just to boot from the hard drive)

then, nuke the Windows folder. del /y c:\windows

you may only have to damage the folder, as that is all I had to do for Win98 full install into the default Windows folder (as opposed to windows.001 or something like that), which means, ctrl-C or forced reset. then, stick the CD in, type



and find your product key number.

this is the only way I've found to clean install an Operating system, without formatting the hard drive. though it didn't help much, since I had to format mine anyway a few dats later.
if your hard drive is FAT32, a DOS disk made from any windows 98/95 computer will suffice.

nuke the directory, which is DOS name for a folder. deltree deletes a directory tree, which is a folder and every file and folder within.

if NTFS, you cna use an NTFS boot disk, but you'll have to download one.
sounds more like your ram stick is bad. that will cause all kinds of errors, including claims of corrupted data etc.

I suggest you try the new stick alone first, then try running memtest on it. if it keeps up, return the ram stick for a replacement.


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Hm yeah the ram doenst seem to be a problem anymore I dont think. I got into the windows 2000 CD setup after installing my new psu for some reason and now I just went to repair. I hope this works... if not I'll try the ram alone etc but so far it's looking good.

ANd also in response to what someone said above, I'm using 2k so I dunno if it's ntfs or one of the FATS, but I do have an ME bootdisk to use if this doesnt work, would the me disk work?


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Fuck it I just reinstalled windows and the ram stick was in fact bad cause even in thisnew install it's bad. I'll just return.
sorry about that man [:(]

about the ME disk working, it may, but it depends on if your hard drive is formatted as FAT32. if it's NTFS, like Win2k defaults to for clean installs, then you'll need an NTFS boot disk.


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It's ok. I didnt lose any data Cause I threw everything into program files that I wanted before I reinstalled. I'm really glad actually, none of that crap I had before.


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Wait, you're saying that you thought Windows was at fault even though removing the offending memory fixed the problem? Anyway, didn't you learn your lesson about buying really cheap parts yet? :lol: Just kidding...

Eh, but I know what you mean about needing more memory for some of these newer games. I was trying to play the Savage demo with 256MB, that didn't go well at all. $33 later at newegg and I had another 256MB stick of CL2.0 1T PC2100, and Call of Duty, Savage, even Mechwarrior 4 all run much better.

Oh, and there are Nforce2 boards with 3 slots as I recall, but if you use all three you lose dual-channel capability. Plus using all three slots on a lot of boards forces you to run at more conservative memory clock/timings.


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I was using 2 slots, both having 512. And the ram isn't cheap, it's GEIL. True they aren't the best, but they are pretty good anyway. Any way I just gotta RMA it for a new one.
This is why I ALWAYS run a couple cycles of memtest anytime I install new ram. It has the benefit of burning the ram in and testing at the same time for problems. With all this newer faster ram small defects that once were tolerable are killer now.


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Geil actually produces some nice stuff. They have some extremely fast DDR400 with pretty nice timings at an affordable price like their 2.0 3 3 6 1T DDR400 for $100 - though I assume that since your original stick is probably pretty ordinary, you didn't buy their highend stuff. Regardless, as Gameboy said, it happens.
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Dec 29, 2003 @ 01:39 AM

how do i do memtest

Go to this site and download either the windows installer (which creates a custom floppy disk that you boot with, this disk is NOT readable by windows so ignore it when it asks you to format the disk). You can also get the bootable ISO image to burn to a CD if yoy want.

You simply then boot from the floppy or CD and the program runs and tests your memory. You can turn various tests off and on. Once the program goes through a few passes (which can take several hours for large amounts of ram, it's very thorough) you then remove the disk or CD and reboot.

Read that page completely to understand how to use the program and what it tests and how.