Super Prologue 21 redump set on


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These will all need to be cracked to work on a normal Saturn, currently Super Prologue 21 Games Vol. 1 (Japan) (Rev A).zip is the only one that works on a normal Saturn using this patch -> Knight0fDragon cracks the Prologue 21 games protection and makes them run on any Saturn
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Most all of these are not going to be normally playable in a Saturn. I gave a stack of discs I pulled from a Prologue21 CD changer I imported to a friend early last year to dump and am pretty sure these are them (except Games vol. 1). I only know as much as that the system uses them to play randomized background videos from the discs during karaoke operation. Some may be able to serve some other purpose as well, but I have not noticed anything else in messing around with it.